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Musicians/Music Groups Fan Fiction >> Avenged Sevenfold >> Dirty Little Secret >> Chapter 7- I Can't Regret You, So I Can't Forget You >> Reviews

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hellovengeance                   (User #9082) N/A 03/07/2013 03:17:15am

Awww aiden!! So cute! Such a shit show now haha

StephyyGates.xo                   (User #9670) N/A 01/19/2013 12:47:01pm

Aiden is possibly the cutest kid everrr! One of my favourite chapters so

SEPisces_A7X_foREVer                   (User #10385) N/A 10/21/2012 03:21:16am

Omg that was something... Anyway can't wait for more!!!!

Charlie_Lavigne                   (User #11243) N/A 10/19/2012 01:36:22am

I read chapters 2 to 7, all in one seating, 7 took me so
long cause i didnt want it to finish hehehe, so sad there
are no more chapters yet,but i guess it is a good thing
because i have to start studying anyway:).

i have to admit i was specting (but not hoping!) a diferent
way for matt to find out about the kids, im sooooooo
pleased with the twist, i loved it!, i really never saw it
coming hehehe, and i can not wait to read more, ::Puppy
eyes:: pretty please soon:D. Am i the only one, really
starting to hate the character Val?... and ill have to
agree with what another reader wrote very uncool reaction
from Brian to Brennas pregnancy, and then he had the guts
to laugh at Matt when he found out about his kids??, i did
laugh anyway hahaha, im really looking forward to their
conversation :).

ale                   (User #11150) N/A 10/18/2012 12:54:29pm

Loved this chapter and the kids are so adorable. Cant wait tossed
what happens next.

moneclover                   (User #7752) N/A 10/17/2012 03:29:47pm

need* to be a little bit more careful... I just messed up
your review count to correct my own grammar. My bad.

Anyway, LOVED IT!!!

moneclover                   (User #7752) N/A 10/17/2012 03:28:55pm

Oh the drama. THE DRAMA!!!

The kids are adorable... except Aiden. Not that he's NOT
adorable, but I think Rhiannon and "Uncle" Matt needs to be
a little bit more careful about what the six year old
hears. Lol. Jace is ADORABLE!! That's my best friend's
baby's name, so he's already my favorite. And little
Princess Aria is freakin' PRECIOUS!!!

I love that you went with the X-Factor thing. I'm stoked to
see what happens! And the whole "Their dad is a deadbeat...
what a loser." thing had me CRACKING UP! Oh, Brian. You're
such a hilarious douche.

And, as usual, poor Zacky! I still feel bad for him, stuck
in the middle of all this drama. BUT THE UPDATE WAS PERF!!!

I just said "PERF"!!


143shadowluv                   (User #6617) N/A 10/17/2012 03:10:44am

Poor zacky!!! Seriously I wanted to smack val! Wtf!! She is going to
love aiden being matts kid! Jk... I felt a bit bad for matt I have to
say u can tell he wants to be in aidens life! holy hell that was a
good chapter! Update super soon please!!

ManicFame                   (User #11048) N/A 10/15/2012 09:52:00pm

Poor Zacky getting muddled up in the middle of all this.
He clearly likes her and he has to sit back and watch while she's all cozy with Matt!
Its horrible that Brian just freaked when Brenna got pregnant. He could have at least supported her in some way!
Sometimes I think it would all be simpler if they all just told the truth. Its so frustrating!
I'll attempt to regularly review now. Sorry again!

ManicFame                   (User #11048) N/A 10/15/2012 09:46:26pm

Is it bad that I haven't read or reviewed this in forever?
I'm so sorry!
I'll try and read the chapters I haven't read and review them.
I read chapter 7 though, haha! I barely know what's going on but its okay. I seriously haven't had much spare time, forgive me!
I think its hilarious how Valary is all pumped to support Rhiannon and is clueless about who she is!
How do they all not see Aiden's resemblance to Matt?!

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