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Part #7 - You Hit Me Once, I Hit You Back
xFuRiEx                   (User #9685) N/A 03/12/2013 01:02:37pm

I'm still alive! lol, just drowning in my studies.
This chapter was funny. And!!!! What a damn character.
Poo, really, poo? Disgusting.
And aw! Mr. Fluffles or what?
Oh,and it seems someone has anger-management issues.
Hm, I can't wait to meet the rest of the characters and find out more about their reasons for being there.
Update soon!

Kai Namazaki                   (User #5574) N/A 02/27/2013 03:48:29am

Aah! I was waiting for the next chapter! I loved it, it was funny and I hope
you update soon! XD


Part #6 - Surprise, Surprise
Paula vd Merwe                   (User #11269) N/A 12/13/2012 06:04:57am

haha was awesome, please let her rabbit die or almost die.
cant wait til you update :)

xFuRiEx                   (User #9685) N/A 11/28/2012 07:23:03pm

lol chapter! I would've been seriously pissed if I were Jimmy and they pulled that stunt on me.
Aw, so Matt already has a girlfriend, good for him!
Poor bunny. And that headmistress is stupid if she allows these guys to get dirt on her.
Update soon please!

Kai Namazaki                   (User #5574) N/A 11/28/2012 06:31:59pm

Dude...kill her rabbit? I started
laughing when I heard that! Lol!

Can't wait to read the next chapter!


xxUnholyConfessionsxx                   (User #10832) N/A 11/28/2012 02:25:02pm

I love this! Jimmy seems the nicest yet Matt is saying that jimmy is the
most dangerous .. what's jimmy done?? Can't wait for what happens next

Part #2 - Prologue
KittyInferno                   (User #9933) N/A 11/28/2012 02:05:09pm

Poor Bri' having such a bad start in life. His Mom dies, his Dad sort of resents him for that and his brother is a dick. Now he's being sent to reformatory school? Poor guy... Looking forward to finding out how this all pans out :)

Part #5 - Gifts Is Me Apologizing
amanda baker                   (User #11192) N/A 11/28/2012 12:08:57am

Update soon I love this story!!!!!

ReggieTheGreat                   (User #10965) N/A 11/12/2012 10:09:54pm

Aww Brian's got a love interest ^_^
I want to know Matt's plan...

Update sooooonnn, me gustaaaa!

xFuRiEx                   (User #9685) N/A 11/10/2012 08:47:41pm

This was quite a lol-chapter. Matt's attitude towards all the girls is just too funny. Is it just me or are all these girls totally bad-ass, I mean apart from being in a reformatory school? I really like Aria! She'd probably be my best friend in a place like that, lol.
Anyways, update soon! No, like really soon. I mean it!

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