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Part #3 - Cast List
Amyyy26                   (User #10459) N/A 09/16/2012 02:44:18pm

Oh Kay! Thank you so much! I honestly didn't think I'd get it! Haha, but it's flattering to know that you think I fit so well.

Can't wait for the story now! :D

Part #2 - Casting Call
Fearing Syn                   (User #10458) N/A 09/16/2012 06:21:45am

Band-Avenged Sevenfold, My Chemical Romance, Bullet for my valentine
Books-Beautiful Malice by Rebecca James
People-my sister
Inspirations:music this site and my sister.
Good luck with your story!

Fearing Syn                   (User #10458) N/A 09/16/2012 06:17:56am

Name:Madeleine or Maddy
Appearance:long legs, shoulder-lenght chocolate brown hair that is naturally curly, always have a perfect tan, chocolate-brown orbs, long legs, round-ish face, white perfect teeth
Favorite guy: Brian
Interests:music, stories, movies, books, video games
Fears:spiders, snakes, bats
Unusual facts:this is weird, but i sneeze at least three times a day or more. if i sneeze only once a day i am sick.
Personality:short temper, curse easily when angry, love the people in my life, smart

amanda baker                   (User #11192) N/A 09/15/2012 11:31:13pm

My name is Amanda Baker
Appearance: I am athletic and cury. I am 5'6" 145lbs with long
blonde haor and blue/green eyes.

Favourite Guy: I love them all so im not picky who you stick me
with. Since Johnny is free i will take him!

Interests: I love sports, boxing, music, playing piano, and going
out with friends. I am laid back and like to have a good time
Fears: Spiders and being alone

Unusual Facts About You: I love pickles and playing pranls on

Personality: outgoing and fun and laid back. Still like to have a
good time

Favourite Bands/Books/People: A7X, bvb, bullet, pantera, metallica
bands along those lines. love classic novels and of course 50
shades of grey

Inspirations: My grandparents and family

Amyyy26                   (User #10459) N/A 09/15/2012 07:26:57pm

* Brown hair.

hahahah, just realised you had no idea what colour it was.

Part #2 - Casting Call
xxdeathbat6661xx                   (User #10346) N/A 09/15/2012 07:24:02pm

Camilla Monterey
I am Puerto Rican, Corsican, and Spanish but i have
Spanish/mediterranean features.
Curvy body, thin-ish waist, not chubby but has some meat on her bones
haha, big round butt, 34D cup size, long legs that aren't too thick or thin.
Big brown eyes that look somewhat red in the sunlight.
Fairly sized lips, bottom lip a little plumper.
Long brown hair with some red highlights scattered.
Almost finished with a tattoo sleeve on left arm. A few others scattered
around my body like shoulder blade to spinal back area and right
Nose ring and center bottom lip ring.

Personality: I am fun loving and wild. I tend to be hardcore when it
comes to most things in life, whether it be music or my sense of
outgoing-ness i guess? lol I am fun to be around and a great
friend. I can sometimes be harsh towards life in general since i have
family issues i guess. I can be sarcastic and blunt when i need to. I am
free spirited. I
wouldnt say i am a mother hen, but i always care for the ones around
me, going to any lengths to make sure that my friends/family is ok. I love
being around the people i love and making them laugh.

Fears: I am terrified of loosing the people i love, sounds corny but true.
I've been prepared for harsh things in life just
from experience but i've never been prepared to lose anything so close to
me. I am terrified of suffocation, drowning...
anything where i don't have oxygen haha. I am completely and utterly
horrified of clowns. Lastly, planes and sometimes
boats. I hate them lol.

I prefer brian but Zacky is okay too :)

Favorite things: bands: MCR, three days grace, linkin park, fort minor,
guns n roses, metallica, pantera, led zeppelin, pink
floyd... etc. Fave book Whirligig and Hunger games. Favorite movies: all
of the dark knight, american psycho, all of step
up. I love my guitar ^.^

anything else: I can fight (street fighting, boxing, capoeira) Ive been
dancing since i was 12(hip hop, Salsa, latin jazz...), ive
always been a singer and musician. i play guitar.

If you need anything else, inbox:)
sorry if i put too much haha

hope i make it:)

Amyyy26                   (User #10459) N/A 09/15/2012 06:11:19pm

I read the first part of this and actually fell in love. It sounds amazing, I'd love to be part of it.

The part where she said "Holy shit your eyes are beautiful!" made me laugh out loud, hah. It's so something I'd do.


Name: Amy


5'3 (and 1/2)
Athletic/curvy build - from playing hockey, swimming, running, yogalates, zumba etc.
I've got long naturally wavy/curly hair, the longest layer falling to the bottom of my shoulder blades. Side fringe going over to the right.
Creamy white skin, forest green eyes, dark eyebrows.
No tattoos, but I've always got some form of jewellry on, mainly necklaces and earrings (lobe piercings).
There's also a few faint freckles over the bridge of my nose.
I'll always be wearing smart casual clothes - soft legging type jeans, coloured pumps, with plain vests/tshirts and smart jackets of all descriptions. I like to think of them as my staple.

Favourite Guy: Zacky. But I'm honestly not bothered if I don't get him - I'd be honoured to just be in the story :)

Interests: Art is my main love (I study it at uni.) Photography, music, films, socialising, sports, outdoor activities, reading, cooking, gigs.

Fears: Spiders - hate them! Dying - obviously. Presentations scare me too, I've done loads for coursework and I still get scared. And after being in them for a while - dark enclosed spaces - I tend to start panicking.

Unusual Facts About You: I'm a trained life guard (oh yeah!)
My small toe nail never grows, ever. Hahah.
I don't really know what else! Sorry!

Personality: Friendly, outgoing, confident. I'm always there for my friends and family. Willing to try anything, because that's the only way to gain confidence.
I love working with people, and I'm always willing to help out volunteering. I can be shy at first, but once you get to know me I'm a hoot.

Favourite Bands/Books/People:

I have a varied taste in music:
A7X - obviously! Nickleback, Halestorm, AFI, Hinder.
Cobra Starship, Hanson, Maroon 5, Lady Antebellum.
And anything that's in the UK Top 40. And 60's music!

Books: (not many!) Harry Potter, Fifty Shades of Grey. Ha! I was never into books when I was younger.

People: The whole cast of Friends, Frasier and Scrubs. I love them all, they're fantastic people.

My mum, of course.

Inspirations: Everything around me (being an artist you learn to take inspiration from your surroundings.) Music, film, literature, my friends, family. Everything!

Thank you!

pen_and_ink                   (User #8378) N/A 09/15/2012 05:57:43pm

Name: Gabby (Gabs)
Appearance: Dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, 5'3", Italian, sometimes I wear glasses (those rectangle frame ones)
Favorite guy: Brian
Fears: Spiders, death, car accidents
Personality: Outgoing, loving, carefree but a hard worker, loves to go out with friends and have a few drinks and dance. I can also sit home with a good book and the radio on for hours.
Favorite book: 50 Shades of Gray trilogy...favorite movie: Moulin Rouge and The Phanton of the Opera. Favorite music: anything from A7X to house/techno.
Weird facts: I work at a car dealership and I know a lot about cars

atomickilljoy                   (User #11057) N/A 09/15/2012 05:51:53pm

Inspirations: Rock music, and art. Just random pieces of art :)
As for books, I read Memoirs and Auto Biographies.
I want to be Brian's girlfriend! I hope I get chosen! It's a very
original and interesting idea! Good luck! :D

atomickilljoy                   (User #11057) N/A 09/15/2012 05:49:29pm

Name: Jennifer Flores
Appearance: black wavy hair, with a hot pink highlight, up to
shoulders. Light brown complexion, 5'5 ft tall, wide brown eyes (-
Favourite Guy: Brian and Zacky.
Interests: Rock music, drawing, reading, and wr
Fears: Being alone in the dark
Unusual Facts About You: I'm Mexican American and...when I
listen to music, I always think about me being the one singing that

Personality: really nice, protective of her friends,s sexual
person(as in, makes sexual jokes) , smart, and doesn't get angry

Favourite Bands/Books/People: I love Avenged Sevenfold, My
Chemical Romance,Fall Out Boy, Green Day, The Beatles and Iron


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