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Part #3 - Updaterrrr...PRT 2
Built For Syn                   (User #8500) N/A 05/21/2012 11:01:13am

Sounds exciting! Thanks for the casting (: Looking forward to
the first chapter going up!

xxdeathbat6661xx                   (User #10346) N/A 05/20/2012 01:56:25am

Thanks for putting me on there with Matt ! :)
Update soon pweaseee :)

Part #2 - Chapter 1: NEW IDEA!
DelilahxDisaster                   (User #10486) N/A 05/19/2012 05:57:08am

Ahh silly me I missed a few things... I'm Mexican lol. But more American I
don't understand what my parents tell me lol no Spanish for me -_- I do
music I can play almost any instrument. I'm obsessed with hello kitty and
you can always find me writing. Thank you!
Love Liely(:

DelilahxDisaster                   (User #10486) N/A 05/19/2012 05:53:38am

I want to be with Matt
Name: Delilah.
Age:19 age can be changed to fit story(:
Birthday: January 22
Appearance: I'm 5'2 I have bright red hair that is "scene" styled. I'm pretty
curvy lol I have snakebites and a my nose is pierced on both sides. I have
brown eyes that change color Iight. my voice makes me kind really young
Clothing: band tees jean vest with band patches with tights or jeans. And
shirts are usually cut so it's off the shoulder.
Personality: caring and motherly I'm talkative and when I'm quiet you
know something is wrong lol. I can be very random and a bit childish in a
good way. But I am funny at times but I'm also serious.
Occupation: I am an English tutor (: and I do make up at sephora.
... Anything else just let me know

Built For Syn                   (User #8500) N/A 05/18/2012 10:31:19pm

Excited for this new story!
Will send you details (:
I think Lorraine sounds like Matt's sibling but I guess we'll

MissaVengeance                   (User #9041) N/A 05/18/2012 04:09:33am

Can i plz have Zacky:)

Name: Melissa(Missa)
Age: 25
Birthday: September 28
Appearence: Im 5'4 black chin length hair with turquoise streaks
mixed in. I have a full back piece of angels,flowers and yes
butterflies, i know a little corny but i love them. I have a half
sleeve on my left arm of a koi fish and dragon, plan on making it a
full sleeve with a geisha. Also a day of the dead skull on my left
ankle and a rose on my right. Im half filipino and italian with a
little hispanic mixed in.

Clothing: I love a pair if jeans, flip flops and a wife beater and im
good to go. Hoodies are a must as is the ever VS bra for that right
moment :) But if i must i will dress up like a girlie girl.

Personality: I love to laugh and to make sure everyone is laughing
as well. Im one of those people that treats you like family from
the start until you prove me otherwise. Also I make sure
everyone is having a good time, otherwise i will find a way for u to
have a good time.

Occupation: I work with preschool children and love it. But i love
to try different things from baking to tattooing.

*I love music, whenever your either having a good day or a bad
one. Music is always there for whatever your going through. Love
to read, nerdy i know.

I hope this enough, if you need anything else let me know. I hope
you pick me, ty.

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