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Part #28 - Chapter 27: Happily Ever After *The End*
~Embrace The Madness... foREVer~                   (User #7321) N/A 06/26/2012 12:33:24am


Was I seriously the only one who didn't think she was knocked up?

Loved the ending dear, I'm on to chapter one of the new story, which I helped inspire! I CAN'T WAIT TO READ MORE THAN JUST THE LITTLE TEASERS!!!!

resyn                   (User #10795) N/A 06/25/2012 02:43:14pm

What a way to get Brian thinking about babies lol. Loved this story. Can't wait for more on the next one.

haleyh16                   (User #10723) N/A 06/25/2012 02:16:03pm

I was caught up in the whole 'Desiree could be pregnant' scenario too. That
could have been a cute ending, but I complete understand how Brian doesn't
want to share her attention just yet. Great work, so sad it's over. Sequel? :)

Part #27 - Chapter 26: Getting Comfortable
haleyh16                   (User #10723) N/A 06/25/2012 01:57:31pm

Comfortable indeed. This is too cute. I'm so glad Desiree admits her true
feelings to Brian, he definitely deserves it. Bella was so cute completely
ignoring Matt and I really hope they end of getting the house. Great work :)

Part #28 - Chapter 27: Happily Ever After *The End*
Anaken                   (User #10433) N/A 06/25/2012 12:10:04pm

You got me too! I'm so gullible.
I just love ~happily ever after~ stories.
I'm going to miss reading about Brian and Desiree,
but every story must come to an end.
Thanks for writing such a great story.
I'll be looking forward to your next one.

gowiththeflow                   (User #9871) N/A 06/25/2012 11:08:54am

Hahahahaaaa, you had me, I thought she was pregnant. But
you're right, Desiree is way too high-end!

This line: "snacking on each other forever before anyone
did anything productive" .... Um, you have a fantastic way
with sultry phrases, haha. I loved that o_O

oO you know what else I loved? This story! Yuh huh! Can't
wait for your next one!


KittyInferno                   (User #9933) N/A 06/25/2012 10:32:34am

I love this story, I can't believe it's over already :( story-sadness :(
I really liked how you did the ending and you chose to go for the non predictable route of her NOT being pregnant but having a stomach flu... that was genius! Especially as you wrote it in a way that had me thinking if she could be or not lol.
Can't wait to see what you come up with next chick!
Look forward to reading your next story

Ex&Oh                   (User #5929) N/A 06/25/2012 08:26:10am

YOUU!!!! You are evil!

I was like "OH YAY!"

But then nothing.. NOTHING. lol. No baby just some non-
contagious stomach flu.

What a perfect ending to such a terrific story! ;) I loved
this with every fiber of my being! :D

Part #27 - Chapter 26: Getting Comfortable
KittyInferno                   (User #9933) N/A 06/24/2012 06:20:09pm

Ok, so, I love this story anyway but the mention of Matt's dog Bella made me go all 'awwwww' and then this line right here:

His black hair was a shaggy, sexy mess and he was wearing a pair of blue and white swim trunks. They hung off of his hips in the most adorable way; exposing the sharp curves of his pelvis and making him look a little bit lankier than he was.

This, m'lady, had me drooling all over my keyboard... I should charge you for a new one (kidding)
Seriously this was awesome and you have a way of making the guys sound a hell of a lot more sexier (esp Bri)
Update soon

Anaken                   (User #10433) N/A 06/24/2012 02:44:08pm

I am so envious of Desiree. This is every girl's dream.
Having a gorgeous man sweep me off my feet.....
I hate to see this story come to an end.

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