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Part #6 - On My Way Here
bat-c0untry                   (User #10182) N/A 06/25/2012 04:10:53pm

Oh my goodness. They both lose their father's on the same
day! That's heartbreaking, I could only imagine losing my own
father. Part of me sees the pair leaning on each other for
support as they try to live their lives without Dad. I really
liked this chapter, and I can't wait to read more!
Love, Kayla.

Part #5 - This Could Be Anywhere In The World
bat-c0untry                   (User #10182) N/A 05/24/2012 10:30:22pm

Oh my. I'm in wonder right now.. I hope her father is okay.
As for Zacky, I hope his family does well with the news.
Can't wait for the next update!

Part #3 - Please Come In
Fearing Syn                   (User #10458) N/A 05/24/2012 01:22:32pm

Zack has a crush on Chelsey!!! Adorable! I promise that i'll review the other chapters when i can, super lazy. I like it, I'm curios what Brian is going to be like, he usually likes to steal Zee's girl. Amazing story!

Part #5 - This Could Be Anywhere In The World
xFuRiEx                   (User #9685) N/A 05/07/2012 06:11:42pm

Oh. My. Gosh!!! This chapter was A-MAZING!
I was so caught up in everything...all the emotion!
First Chelsey's father and then on the same day Zack's too?! That was so totally unexpected!
I was on the brink of tears and that sure takes a lot.
It was so sweet how Zacky already understands and the way he handled the entire situation.
Maybe everything isn't over yet. There's still hope for Chels' dad. Fingers crossed...
Love ya!

ghostwriter                   (User #8713) N/A 05/03/2012 01:34:13am

oh no, Oh No, OH NO!!!! Damn I hope they can pull together
and support each other!! What a horrible experience they're
about to go through!! Zacky's so sweet with her! I hope they
can make it through this!! I am LOVING this story!! I'm
officially hooked! HOOKED people!! hooked....

Amyyy26                   (User #10459) N/A 04/30/2012 10:21:28pm

Oh no! First Chelsey's dad, then Zack's. OMERZ I bet they're secretly brother and sister ;)

That's really sad though, I wonder what's happened to Chelsey's dad.

Can't wait to read what happens next!

AMC                   (User #10620) N/A 04/30/2012 07:46:18am

Wow wow wow how's that possible? How can both of the fathers have "troubles" the same day? God that's horrible.
I clap Zack for being supportive for Chelsey.
I hope her dad will be better. And for Zack's father... Well, I don't know how he will react about it. I mean, yeah I know, but everybody hasn't the same reaction. I hope he won't you know stop talking to his friends and family. I hope he will let someone ( Chels, for example) be here for him. But maybe Chels has her own worries to deal with.
Well I don't know and I can't wait to read your next chapter.
This one was sad, but eventually great.
Keep up the good work =)

Liera                   (User #9529) N/A 04/30/2012 05:04:43am

Oh no!! D: Both of their fathers in one day?!?! Zacky... :( hopefully chels dad is okay :/

Part #4 - Hunstanton Pier
Liera                   (User #9529) N/A 04/30/2012 04:50:24am

Loved this :) I wouldn't be able to look away from Zacky's gorgeous eyes either. And that's exactly what Brian needs. A major ego boost lol. What's this phone call gonna be about? Hopefully nothing bad, but i know that it more then likely is.

bat-c0untry                   (User #10182) N/A 04/29/2012 10:21:17pm

Well this was cute xP Man, I just love your stories. I can't
get enough of 'em. Can't wait for the next update,

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