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Part #17 - Realizations I Am Not What You Thought I Was
Liars And Monsters                   (User #9568) N/A 09/02/2012 02:09:53am

*SQUEEK* A thousand Times YES! Omg I'm So excited I'm Bouncing In My Seat.I Can so see "shit Hitting The Fan" And Matt & Jimmy Going Bat shit!!

As Moonclover said SO Happy You Are Continuing This If You Love it and It Makes You Happy then Go For It.

PLEASE Update Soon!

moneclover                   (User #7752) N/A 09/01/2012 09:28:23pm

YES!!! Just... freakin'... YES!!!

I'm so excited! As soon as Jared showed up, I know stuff was
on the right track. I can't imagine what kind of stuff
you've got cooked up for the next chapter, but this update
was such a relief!

I'm so in love with this story. I'm glad you're continuing!

Part #16 - It's A God Awful Small Affair...
moneclover                   (User #7752) N/A 08/31/2012 02:03:12am

I swear, when I saw that there was an update for this, I
had a little mini party in my head! And I have to say,
first and foremost, you are NOT a shitty writer. This story
is amazing! If people aren't reviewing, it's probably
because they're too lazy. I know how disheartening it can
be to have a ton of views, but only a tiny fraction of the
reviews. It's like, "Do none of you have an opinion on the
chapter, or did you just merely glance at it?" Don't worry.
You're doing a great job.

That being said, THIS CHAPTER WAS CRAZY AMAZING!! Zack as a
cutter made me sad. This story always brings out crazy
emotions in me. That's pretty rare for fan fiction, but I
think this is much more than that.

This chapter had a lot of information to take in, and I
LOVE that! You're not just writing filler chapters, every
single update has something new happening! I'll probably re
-read it before the next update, because I don't want to
miss a thing! :D


Liars And Monsters                   (User #9568) N/A 08/30/2012 02:55:27pm

Ohhhh Holy Sh&* !! Jimmy Has to So Something And Quick!! OMG I LOVE this so Much You Are So Awesome! I Can't wait to see what's next...........PLEASE UPDATE SOON!!

Part #11 - Where Did You Go
Mforaker                   (User #11125) N/A 08/30/2012 01:54:57pm

I usually don't read vampire stories, but your story is great!

Part #15 - Like Walking Into A Dream
Liars And Monsters                   (User #9568) N/A 08/29/2012 08:19:13pm

I'm So happy To see this back!!!! i can't wait to Read What's next!!!!!

PLEASE Update Soon!!

Liars And Monsters                   (User #9568) N/A 08/05/2012 04:18:06pm

I Told you I Would Give The 5 reviews if i had To! Please Update soon ......

Part #15 - Like Walking Into A Dream
moneclover                   (User #7752) N/A 08/03/2012 06:37:52pm

Holy shit!! Jimmy is Arin's father?!

That is insane and awesome in so many ways! I definitely saw
nothing like that coming. Amazing turn of events! And the
thing about getting Sophia pregnant, but her NOT having the
baby... that's really intense!

I can't WAIT to see what happens next. And I totally agree
with L&M. You CAN'T scrap this story. It's too epic! And
I'll definitely continue to review. :D

Liars And Monsters                   (User #9568) N/A 08/03/2012 04:19:40pm

OMG OMG OMG!!! PLEASE Don't Scrap this you've Come So Far And It's So FU**Ing Epic To back Out now!! I Look Forward to seeing this Updated So Much It's unreal..... Jimmy's Arin's Father?? "Holy Mother Of Johnny Christ" i didn't See that Comming ( I Say that Phrase All the Time At the Shop hehe!) If I have To Give you the 5 reviews my self i will!!!! Ok off to Lay some Ink.........


Part #14 - Kill Off This Thinking
moneclover                   (User #7752) N/A 07/29/2012 07:51:47am

I just read the info. At least, I just noticed it. Of course
I wanna' keep reading!

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