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Part #3 - Results-O
Synyster Aurora ~ FoREVer                   (User #10405) N/A 02/27/2012 03:02:43am

Thank you! XD I'm fine with all of that x3
I can't wait ^^

Mrs.PlagueOfVengeance                   (User #10660) N/A 02/26/2012 05:16:01pm

Yay! I made it :3 Thanks! I can't wait to read the story! UPdate soon
Much love, Mrs.P

Part #2 - Auditions
Mrs.PlagueOfVengeance                   (User #10660) N/A 02/25/2012 01:08:35pm

Okay I've changed my character a little, I'm on my laptop now so this should
be better. I reread and saw the whole 'darker' image going there so, without
further adei:
NAME: Kodie Williams
AGE: 23
Black hair with a red tint that falls just past her shoulders, and a fringe
swept to the left side. The bottom layer of her fringe is dyed bright red. She
has an athletic, but curvy body. Oval shaped face with high cheek bones and
green eyes. A few freckles across the bridge of her nose. Has her ears
pierced, her belly button, and the left side of her lip.
Usually wears dark skinny jeans or cut off shorts, with tank tops or band
shirts. Wears sneakers ( Vans, Converse, Nike) because they are easier to run
in. Dressier optios: She'll wear a cute dress but won't even think twice about
heels, somewhere out there are sneakers that match the dress.
writing, reading, video games, joking/pranking, whiskey, dancing, fighting
(physically), energy drinks, the beach
Her ADHD medications, korean pop songs, romantic comedies, bitches,
fakes, abusive people
Soccer, football, skateboarding, guitar, violin, cello, horseback riding,
reading comic books, playing video games, baking, swimming, ummm lol
that's about it haha
looking weak, loosing her friends because they're the only family she has
now, being trapped,
Fighting, explosives like fireworks and all kinds of fun shit! (XD), running,
planning, amazing with knifes/so that mean good cooking, good aim,
computer whiz, calming people down despite her crazy persona
Kodie is...complicated. Sure she's fun and a great partier! But she has
different sides. She can be conservitive one minute and crazy the next. She
can get very jealous, but tends not to show it. She's nto afriad to die, that's
for sure. She thinks every living creature dies alone, because in some way
they do. She has a hyperactive quality about her. She loves her friends to
death, and would die defending them. Easily jumps into fights, even if it has
nothing to do with her. (Physical fighting). If she's got something to say, you
better deal with it. Even though to outsiders she seems a complete and utter
bitch/skank/cunt/or whatever, she's a nice kid.
Kodie grew up in a small middle class family in southern Tennessee. When
she was six, Kodie was diagnosed by her doctors that she had ADHD.
Something which would cause major problems in her future. In grade
school/elementary school Kodie was known for all the playgroud fights. She
liked to pull the fire alarms, start food fights, and just beat up any boy or
girl who thought she was weird. Kodie's home life got difficult when her
mother died in a car wreck, leaving Kodie with her five older brothers and
her dad. After the crach Mr. Williams, Kodie's dad, became a sort of
alcoholic. Kode's brothers did their best to raise Kodie while their dad was
out invaiding the bars and strip clubs of the next town over. To fight off
stress from home and school, Kodie got her first job's ,cutting grass, pay
check to pay for a cheap crappy violin. She started to teach herself how to
play. When she was good enough and had more money, Kodie bought a nice
violin to play. The music teacher at her high school heard her playing and
sent a letter to Julliard, once having attended there himself. Well, Kodie
found herself being whisked away to Julliard that summer, only being 16, to
attend summer classes. Her teacher Mr. Riley was nice, charmming, and an
outstanding gentleman. Until he wasn't. On night when Kodie was packing
her things, Mr. Riley came onto her, forcing himself at her. He raped her, and
left her for someone to find. Kodie was stronger then that though. She had
tried fighting Mr. Riley but she was a 117lbs girl and he was a 223lbs man.
Kodie picked herself up and went to the hospital, claiming to the polic who
questioned her that she didn't see her attacker. No she had other plans. She
found Mr. Riley and, let's just say she introduced him to her
friend...louiseville slugger. She did some jail time, picking up the name
Blondie. For she could always play the innocent, dumb blonde when the
warden wanted to know who started the latest jail yard brawl. After getting
out, Kodie was 17 with her GED. She moved out to LA trying to 'find herself'.
But all she found was more trouble. She ended up shacking up with a guy
named Darrel. He was some movie director, but not hte kind of movies we
go to see in the theaters. When Kodie found out that he wanted her to 'star'
in his next 'movie' she almost beat the living shit out of him. So now, Kodie
roams California looking for somewhere to stay, or someone. She works at a
music hall for now. Playing some nights. The pay is shitty, but she'd do
anything to keep playing music.

Mrs.PlagueOfVengeance                   (User #10660) N/A 02/25/2012 12:03:25am

Can I have Jimmy? Please bear with me I'm on my iPod lol :)
Name: Kodie Williams
Age: 23
Appearence: long black hair with a red tint, falls to her mid back. Left side
fringe swept to the side. She has a muscular curvy body and stands at
5'5. Dark brown eyes with green blue flecks in them. A few freckles across
the bridge of her nose. She is native American, so she has olive tonnes
skin. Full lips and high cheek bones.
Style: she wears cut off shorts and skinny jeans. Wears tank tops and
band tshirts with vans or her combat boots. When she needs to be a little
dressy, she'll find a cute little dress and before even thinking about heels,
she'll try matching a pair of her sneakers with it. Wears minimal makeup,
I.e. light eyeliner and lipgloss.
Likes: music, horror films, comic books, dirt bikes, fast cars, video games,
dancing, dogs, horseback ridding, Italian food, reading, comedians,
soccer, gummy bears :3
Dislikes: rude people, cliche love stories, tennis, fakes, korean pop songs
(don't ask), abusive people, moochers, ice cream, milk
Hobbies: soccer, belly dancing, baking, video games, writing music,
skateboarding, horse back riding, and hanging with friends
Fears: storms, being alone forever, messing up relationships, beig stuck
in an elevator ( actual fear of mine)
Skills: great soccer player, good listener, street smart, book smart, guitar,
piano, violin, cello, and drawing
Personality: Kodie is friendly and crazy right off the bat. She loves to have
fun and party. Always up for trying new things and loves adventure. Kodie
will always look out for her friends. You can tell she's upset when her
cheeks get real red and she starts cracking her knuckles. She has ADHD
so she can never stay focused, often forgetting when she is cooking and
leaves the stove on and the food out.
Backstory: Kodie Williams grew up in a small southern Tennessee town (
of your choosing). She is of native American, her fathers side, and Irish,
her moms side, descents. Growing up she was a tomboy and was known
for getting in fights. She grew up with her dad and her 6 older brothers,
hints being a tomboy and always being competitive. Her mom died when
she was six years old in a car crash. Kodie was in the car but was saved
when her mother threw her arm out to protect her. When Kodie was 15
she was in an abusive relationship, and it took her forever to trust men
again. She moved out to LA when she was 19 after high school to be
famous, obviously she didn't make it. But she still tries. She loves music
and soccer is her passion. She really wants to be a professional player
more than being a star though. Back in elementary school and middle
school, Kodie began to get into fireworks. She constantly got in trouble for
flushing cherry bombs and blowing the pipes. She's a trouble maker but is
a good hearted girl :))

I hope you use me :D inbox me for anymore info you might need.

xxdeathbat6661xx                   (User #10346) N/A 02/24/2012 11:39:16pm

Camilla Medina
24 years old
brian or zacky

Physical: 5'5, I have around 14 inches of dark brown hair with several
bright blue/green highlights, with my bangs completely
blue(side swept).
Curvy body with big round butt and long curvy legs.
I have big bright brown eyes that look red in the sunlight.
smooth cream colored skin.

several tattoos(left arm sleeve(cultural puerto rican things, black and red
roses, pacman, batman, and a broken home since my home
life is kinda rough), back of neck(Carpe Diem), Right shoulder
blade(Memoriam tattoo for my sister with an image of an angel), right
shoulder(puerto rican flag enclosed in aw heart since i am Puerto Rican
lol), LIVE FREE on fingers ect...)
nose pierced and spider bites on left side of lip, industrial bar in left ear,
belly ring
pouty and fairly sized lips.

I wear any pair of skinny jeans(worn or cut up or shredded), cammisoles,
tanktops, kat von d styled vests. Any pair of combat boots or sneakers(I
am a sneaker freak! Jordans, Nike, Supras, Pastry...).

i like all types of music, uncluding cobra starship and some pop,rap,hip
hop, dance, dubstep, and most importantly rock.
i like dancing,singing, acting retarted, smoking anything, drinking(but not
exceedingly), partying.

i dont like opera, rich snobby people, rude people, jellyfish, parents,
dumb people....

i dance hip hop popnlock contemporary latin salsa. i enjoy singing. i play
guitar, drums and bass.

i am afraid of failure. i am also afraid of bugs, spiders, and snakes. i am
afraid of being closed in a confined space or being around too many

i can fight (boxing or streetfighting).

Personality: I am fun loving and wild. I tend to be hardcore when it
comes to most things in life, whether it be music or my sense of
outgoing-ness i guess? lol
I am fun to be around and a great
friend. I can sometimes be harsh towards life in general since i have
family issues i guess.
I can be sarcastic and blunt when i need to. I am free spirited. I
wouldnt say i am a mother hen, but i always care for the ones around
going to any lengths to make sure that my friends/family is ok. I love
being around the people i love and making them laugh.

back story: i was born in the bronx, ny and moved to cali when my
parents divorced because of a cheating scandal. from the age of 11-18' i
lived with my father and my brother and sister, aaliyah and ian, in cali.
my home could be interperted as a broken home. i always struggled with
that turning to drugs, alcohol, and self harm. i slowly got better after i
discovered my interest in music and arts. that helped me through. my
teen years consisted of partying, weed, and expierementing with bands.
i left highschool and went onto college to major in music.

i would love to be in your story:)

much love

xFuRiEx                   (User #9685) N/A 02/24/2012 08:59:27pm

NAME : Leanna Jason
AGE : 20
APPEARANCE : Shoulderlength raven-black hair with a slightly blue tint in the sun light.
Leanna has double lobe piercings on both sides and a ring on the left side of her bottom lip.
She's about 5'5 and has an athletic body.
STYLE: Loves wearing black and would rather die than be seen in anything orange. She prefers wearing over-sized t-shirts and shorts or even mini skirts (nothing below the knees) Otherwise anything comfortable.
LIKES: Loves music! (rock and metal of course, but is open to anything) Loves anything chocolate, but ginger biscuits are the best. She loves the beach.
DISLIKES: Spending too much time in nature. Doing nothing. Self-absorbed people. Shopping. People telling her what to do.
HOBBIES: Playing piano, listening to music (hehe, yeah, I totally needed to repeat that) Going to the beach or hanging with her friends.
SKILLS : Good with numbers (lame?) Yeah, fighting (did karate for several years.)
PERSONALITY: Leanna is pretty laid-back. She has a great sense of humor and enjoys laughing. She's an introvert and seems shy at first, but as soon as she's comfortable, the real Leanna comes out and she can be pretty crazy. She lies a lot.
BACKSTORY: Leanna is from Baltimore. Her family is pretty wealthy, but she knows that's only because her father lies and deceives people in order to get what he wants. Her mother isn't the perfect mom-figure either, being a successful lawyer, but also being addicted to anti-depressants and dietary supplements.
Her elder sister, Stephanie, is the perfect daughter and an over-achiever who loves holding all her achievements over her younger siblings' heads.
Leanna's brother, Garret is into the drug scene and makes no secret of his hate of her.
It seems that her father is the only one in her family who cares about her, but in turn, she never knows whether or not she can trust him.
She loves her family a lot, but all the lies and deceit seems to be a family curse, since she herself shares in them.
Leanna was into drugs when she was younger, but managed to sober up after one of her friends died from an over-dose.
Her family would like to give out a perfect image even though they were everything but perfect and she hates being false.
In order to surive her family and herself, Leanna stole money from her parents and ran away from home and hasn't looked back since. Unfortunately, old habits die hard...
I know you didn't really ask, but if he's available, I would like to be paired up with Zacky otherwise any other of the guys will be great. Thanks!

Part #2 - Auditions
Synyster Aurora ~ FoREVer                   (User #10405) N/A 02/24/2012 06:45:35pm

Aurora Khloe West
Aurora has long black hair with dark red streaks and side bangs. She has
very light skin which contrasts with her dark hair and dark blue eyes.
Aurora is 5'6 and 120 lbs, with a 38C cup size and a slim, curvy body
type. Her legs and arms are strong from sports
Places on her full bottom lip is a ring on the right side, along with 2
earlobe piercing (each) and a cartilage piercing on her left ear. On her
upper back is a Deathbat with purple wings. On her hips are angel wings.
Aurora has a heart behind her right ear, and on her left ankle is the saying
"Carpe Diem". An infinity symbol is placed inside her left wrist, with the
words "Ti Amo."
Aurora usually wears skinny jeans with t-shirts or dressy tops. She wears
jewlery (rings, earrings) and sometimes scarfs or hats. As for footwear,
she usually wears heels or flats. Under her clothes, Aurora likes to wear
sexy lingerie xD
Music, cooking, zebra+leopard prints, lingerie, tattoos, Piercings, alcohol!,
writing, drawing, singing, swearing xD, comfy clothes, chocolate (big
sweet tooth), parties, shopping and house pets :3.
Bees, cleaning, morons/assholes, smelly garbage/people, trying on
clothes...Dunno what else xD
Piano, guitar, clarinet, writing, drawing, singing, writing songs, cooking,
Rape, being murdered, dying in sleep, having seizure around loved ones
and dying, being rejected XD.
Fast runner, good throwing arm, good kicker, fighting - yay! XD
Aurora has a lot of sides. She can be warm, enthusiastic, and very caring.
Or she can be a manipulative, strong bitch xD. Being more of a leader
than a follower, she is very rebellious. She doesn't share a lot, unless she
trusts you. A lot xD. Aurora may be quiet around people she doesn't
know, and around adults she can be mature, but she is really crazy if you
know her (she's like a lady Jimmy xD). She also knows when to be
serious, don't worry x3. Aurora doesn't think before she speaks, and she
speaks her mind, and is pretty judgmental. She doesn't back down, and
that's why she was never liked in school.
Aurora grew up in NYC until she was about 14, and she was influenced -
in both bad and good ways. The first time she was drunk was age 16 at a
party in Cali. She got tattoos and piercing at a young age too. Aurora's
family was filled with alcoholics and drug users, so as soon as she turned
18 she moved to her friends house, where she was free. Her friend
brought her to a bar where she lost her virginity Ina bathroom. Ashamed,
she began cutting. Aurora used to cut while she was in school because of
the kids and her reputation.
Aurora's family has a long line of genetic diseases, but epilepsy shone
above the others. She was diagnosed as an epileptic at age 12, at the
hospital after her first episode. This all somehow led to her parents
getting divorced when she was 14, and remarrying to assholes. Her
moms new husband, Phil, abused her. Aurora's heart broke when she
found out her father still loved her mother.
Now, in Cali, she's recovering from her emotional scarring and pain.

Synyster Aurora ~ FoREVer                   (User #10405) N/A 02/24/2012 06:14:16pm

Sorry I wrote reserve, I forgot this was auditions xD

Synyster Aurora ~ FoREVer                   (User #10405) N/A 02/24/2012 05:17:49pm

Can you reserve Brian for me? I'm on my iPod, it'll take a while to write xD
I had it done but it got deleted q.q

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