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Part #5 - I Wanna Feel Weightless Cause That Would Be Enough. . . .
Cursing_vengeance                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 04/13/2012 12:33:25pm

Awh...i really really liked it xD Zacky is TOO cute!!!Please
update soon :DD

Part #4 - Burn Him Down.....
synful_thoughts                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 12/28/2011 01:33:52am

thanks sweetie...i'm gonna try update daily so just be sure to check back tomorrow:) thanks for reviewing *.*

Liera                   (User #9529) N/A 12/28/2011 12:02:11am

rofl, this chapter had me laughing at their different point of views. Awesome xD I loooved what she told Matt. That was great x) Can't wait for the next chapter =]

Part #3 - Whats The Worst Thing I Could Say?
Liera                   (User #9529) N/A 12/27/2011 12:16:17am

it's okay :) i like how you have another account & you can comment ppl back x) I think Fanworks should allow you to do that

synful_thoughts                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 12/26/2011 09:18:13pm

fuck,sorry something happened with my laptop and my prologue got deleted....i'll try get it back up but if not i'll just start it from ch.1.....again i'm sorry sweetie :o

Part #2 - Prologue
synful_thoughts                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 12/26/2011 09:08:31pm

that sounds really good,they might i havn't ironed out the finer details but it might happen you never know...i know what ya mean,i kinda rushed it and the format got fucked up!! anyway thanks for reviewing....:)

Part #3 - Whats The Worst Thing I Could Say?
Liera                   (User #9529) N/A 12/26/2011 07:42:20pm

Both chapters are the same =/

Part #2 - Prologue
Liera                   (User #9529) N/A 12/26/2011 07:40:38pm

this sounds really good so far. just needs a little more editing and what not. awesome prologue. I wonder if they have a band together, how they'd react when they need Zacky xP

Part #3 - Whats The Worst Thing I Could Say?
synful_thoughts                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 12/26/2011 03:24:44pm

thanks honey,i'll try update daily if i can...
sorry bout the sloppy presentation microsoft has chosen to ignore my requests and is being a bitch!! anyways thanks for reviewing.... *.*

MissyGunnerVengeance                   (User #9036) N/A 12/26/2011 02:22:04pm

I read both chapters and I like it so far. I want to see
where you're going with this :)
Good Job

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