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Part #8 - Chapter Seven
LissaLively                   (User #9518) N/A 07/13/2012 10:05:57pm

Aww I knew Brian was a lying sack of turd. However, I will
give him credit for properly apologizing to Owyn, and she's
right, he did deserve that slap :P I really am curious to
read about her son, since I'm guessing that's why she didn't
let Brian know about it. Must be really important if she
hadn't even told Michelle about it at all.

Great chapter, update soon please :)

Part #6 - Chapter Five
LissaLively                   (User #9518) N/A 07/12/2012 12:26:26am

First off, this is such a good story! I usually don't find
too many stories where Michelle isn't an enemy, even though
it seems she may have lied to Owyn. Up until now, I really
liked her character for some reason, especially Owyn. I
hope Brian is just trying to stir up shit between her and
Owyn and that Michelle didn't say things about her after
all. God, Brian is such an asshole! A jealous bitter
asshole at that, I feel so bad for Owyn for having to put
up with that. And now her bar burned down, poor thing. By
the ending, apparently she had a son? I'd like to know more
about that. Update soon please, this is really good.


Part #4 - Chapter Three
Built For Syn                   (User #8500) N/A 06/05/2012 07:16:09pm

A month longer.. that will mean more time for there to be
And Zacky is being really friendly. It's so sad that Gena
wants a break from him. I wonder if Zacky will play a large
role in the plot of this story.
Really loving this, update soon x

Part #3 - Chapter Two
Built For Syn                   (User #8500) N/A 06/05/2012 07:08:31pm

Oh! Brian acted nice but it seems he really is out to win
Michelle back. I'm going to read the next chapter now to see
if there is more drama. (:

Part #2 - Chapter One
Built For Syn                   (User #8500) N/A 05/25/2012 12:07:48pm

This story sounds really interesting because of the originality of the relationship, I like the subjects it is dealing with and I like that you
have begun from Owyn and Michelle's 'side of the story' and didn't start from Brian and what he was doing.
I look forward to more or this, I really want to know how everyone reacts to the knews that Michelle is with a woman.
Update soon (:

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