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Part #8 - Epilogue
Shiwoggi                   (User #10326) N/A 12/18/2011 07:34:42pm

Awwwwh. Nice fluffy ending to a generally cute story (well, it became cute. I
mean, no-one likes seeing Brendon as slave...).

And they were all so happy to see him! And Ryan! Understanding parents
for the win (:

Another good story finished :( Can't wait for the next one :3

Part #7 - Sixth Chapter
Shiwoggi                   (User #10326) N/A 12/10/2011 07:35:32pm

Awesome chapter (: (I think it'd be more surprising if I put "I HATED THIS
CHAPTER!"... Yeah, I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon...)

It was really sweet! And now they're running away together *Massive

Part #6 - Fifth Chapter
MissTayMApp                   (User #10515) N/A 12/08/2011 01:39:18am

Oh my god, the kiss made my day. Seriously. And the rest of it, I just couldn't even stop smiling. I literally just gave up on my essay due tomorrow because I'm super stressed. But, this, this made my night.

Shiwoggi                   (User #10326) N/A 12/03/2011 06:57:03pm

Awwwwwwwwwwh. That is pretty much all I can say :') Please update soon :D

Part #5 - Fourth Chapter
Shiwoggi                   (User #10326) N/A 11/29/2011 06:40:16pm

Awesome chapter as usual :)

I love how completely sincere Ryan is in this chapter - it made me smile and
do a little "awwwwh".

(By the way, I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned how nice it is to get a reply
from a comment. So, thanks! :3)

MissTayMApp                   (User #10515) N/A 11/24/2011 09:23:44pm

This is so beautifully written. I'm truly impressed and I
love how you've characterized Ryan and Brendon. Though, his
little sister does seem like a pain. Overall, it's amazing.
I'll keep checking back weekly, haha. I have it bookmarked.

Part #4 - Chapter Three
Shiwoggi                   (User #10326) N/A 11/20/2011 01:28:28am

Awh, poor Brendon.
I loved the line: 'Except that most pets were treated better than this.' It
really made Brendon seem helpless.
*sniffle* I am NOT crying. Obviously.

More in Ryan's P.O.V? :3
He likes Brendon, but he hit him?! (Not sure why I'm stating the obvious,
you wrote this damn awesome story... *faceplam*)

*(Im)Patiently waiting for more*

Shiwoggi xo

Part #3 - Second Chapter
Shiwoggi                   (User #10326) N/A 11/17/2011 08:27:17pm

(Sorry, sorry, internet's been down again. It's pretty damn shit
where I live D:)

Awwh (: Brendon can bake! That's so cute :3 (I'm not sure why, practically
everyone I know can bake...nevermind) And he has a crush on Ryan ^^
*happy dance*

This chapter is cute. Really, really sweet and you're an annoyingly good
writer. That's good, cause I have something good to read, but bad for my
ego :L

Next chapter soon please?

Shiwoggi xo

jackass97                   (User #9381) N/A 11/06/2011 02:33:57pm

Thanks for the warm welcome lol. Glad to see you're still on here and writing!

Part #2 - First Chapter
Shiwoggi                   (User #10326) N/A 11/06/2011 02:07:14pm

I feel bad for Brendon. Having to serve that psychopathic bitch girl. But at
least Ryan's nice to him!

Ahaha, this looks like it's going to be as good as the last one :D And
something else to read. YAAAAAAY!

Shiwoggi xo

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