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Part #14 - Code Red
foREVer97                   (User #9980) N/A 03/13/2012 05:26:15pm

Aaaahh, what will she do?!?!
I've read all of these chapters in a row, and I'm completly addicted to this
story! It's amazing, and so exciting.

Great chapter. Love the end, really made me curious of the next one!
Can't wait for the next chapter!

Part #12 - Falling
rayshadowsA7X                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 03/04/2012 06:08:56pm

literally my favourite story right now :3 i think i might die
if you don't update soon xD

bat-c0untry                   (User #10182) N/A 02/27/2012 11:33:11pm

This chapter was so cute to me!
Sorry for not reviewing earlier, I just never really remember
to xD
I wonder what'll happen next...

Part #9 - Another Close Call
Hallie Vengeance                   (User #8309) N/A 02/18/2012 12:04:15am

Just read this story start to where you are now and I must
say that it is a wonderful story with amazing details and I
LOVE it!!! Mr. Baker is one sexii teacher and I would totally
do him too!!! Bwahahah But as always love it and I can't wait
for the next chapter dearie

AMC                   (User #10620) N/A 02/14/2012 02:34:25pm

I read all you 8 chapters and i must say that i pretty much love your story =)
Upadte soon :)

Part #6 - First Night Working
WishxOnxAxStar                   (User #9127) N/A 12/01/2011 06:20:18pm

Wow I really like this story i hope that you can update this again soon.

Rachel Potter                   (User #9488) N/A 11/06/2011 02:08:03pm

ohh this is becoming really intense- I really hope the sparks explode for Lyn
and Zack soon. He's such a nice man. But it's kinda awkward that it's her
teacher.. but anyway.
Webs or whatever his face needs to get a dick out of his ass and leave her
alone- although, the daily detentions work in the blossoming couple's favor ;)
update soon please!

nafto6661                   (User #10309) N/A 10/30/2011 10:20:27pm

haha I knew you could literally cut the sexual tension
between them with a spoon! - Update soon!

Liera                   (User #9529) N/A 10/29/2011 09:51:10pm

Phew, that was a close one. Aha, drunken people xD awesome chapter =) waiting for the next update, yea! ^_^

Part #5 - Dinner
Liera                   (User #9529) N/A 10/28/2011 04:54:21pm

yuck, sushi. even though i've never had it either lmao. That's awesome that they liked it =D i liked this. can't wait for ur next update :)

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