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Part #13 - Making Up
JenniferGates                   (User #9037) N/A 12/30/2011 02:52:42am

aww that was sweet and very sexy! loved it

Part #12 - Forgiven?
foREVer97                   (User #9980) N/A 12/12/2011 10:58:27pm

Finally! No more bullshit -almost- between all of 'em! Really glad it worked
out, and I seriously almost shed a tear when Zack and Brian had that
make up conversation. So glad they finally figured things out!

And, btw: please make another chapter! I don't want it to end here! I
wanna see them all happy and stuff! ;P

Anyways, great story! I thought it was great, and I hope to read something
more from you in the future! =)

Love me =D

Part #11 - Oh, And Syn?
Marielle                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 12/01/2011 06:03:11pm

I loved the last two chapters. They're both broken and especially Syn has lost everything. You wrote it very well! Completely believeble.

Can't wait for the last one, put it up here soon! You're so awesome!

foREVer97                   (User #9980) N/A 11/30/2011 10:41:30pm

Heh, I knew she knew who he was =P

Anyways, sorry about not commenting on the last chapter! I tought I had ;/
But, this chapter was great! I'm glad he's going to try to talk to Zack. Just
knowing that makes me kind of happy! I'm sure everything will turn out
good in the end!

Don't like how the next one will be the last one, tough... I really like this

Part #9 - A Massive Fuck Up
zackyvsloveslave                   (User #6375) N/A 11/16/2011 01:58:32am

BRIAN ELWIN HANER JR! You fucked up one of the greatest
parings known to man! Update soon!!

Part #8 - We Were Making Do...
zackyvsloveslave                   (User #6375) N/A 11/16/2011 01:54:49am

Lmfao I love how Matt just appears at the wrong times. Its so
funny and update soon!

Marielle                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 11/13/2011 10:58:58am

I loved this chapter! Synacky is my favorite pairing but Jimohnny(?) is great too. Not as great though ;)

When Jimmy thought Johnny had cheated I really thought it would get ugly. Thank God I was wrong. But will Zee take it the same way if/when he finds out? I hope not ;) I want some drama!

Oh and one more thing, I absolutely love how Matt gets caught in the middle! It's hilarious!

I want the next chapter ASAP! x

foREVer97                   (User #9980) N/A 11/09/2011 10:05:19pm

Haha, when Jimmy went all "you're sleeping with Brian" I went all "NOO,
JIMMY! You dumb fuck! STOP!" I seriously tought they were gonna have
a really big fight, or something x)
Anyways, love the story so far! Please keep updating so I can
reeeeeaaaad it =D

Part #7 - Spin The Person
zackyvsloveslave                   (User #6375) N/A 11/05/2011 12:19:01am

wow that was hot! Cant wait to

Part #6 - I'm Guessing You Told Him Then?
Marielle                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 11/03/2011 07:55:51am

I love this! You've managed to keep them in character so well! I can see it all in front of me and it's not very easy to write like that. Great job! I want more!

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