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Part #3 - Results!
Ems                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 09/17/2011 08:16:08pm

Hi, am I both Emilys on this????

OurLadyofSporks                   (User #6877) N/A 09/16/2011 10:02:08pm

YaY Thanks so much!

Part #2 - Auditions..
PsychoticRitalin                   (User #10293) N/A 09/13/2011 09:25:10pm


PsychoticRitalin                   (User #10293) N/A 09/13/2011 09:24:28pm

What is your name: Abbie (Abigail)

Gender: Female

Age: 18 (Can be changed if needed!)

Bad points: Loses temper easily, and easly jelous, Trust issues.

Good points: Friendly, easy to get on with after getting to know her! Good
listener and leader, very fun person. and funny. Can be very, very hyper, but
no ones ever given her the time of day..except one person but they always
let you down in the end. Never Selfharmed. Deals with troubles in a more
artistic way. Funny! Is very much so, a people watcher!

Interests: Plays guitar, likes to read and write. speaks Spanish and Japanese.
Skateboards around as can't afford a car. Pretty carefree. fave colour is
Rainbow! Likes the supernaturaul, and human psychology.

Looks: Thick Black hair with blue sweet fringe (hates when it gets wet, as it
goes curly!), layered hair (You can decide lenghth!). Mother was Jamaican,
father was Portugese. Has very light brown skin. Looks almost italian. And
large Emerald green eyes, that change to hazel when she's angry. 5'1, and
Valuptuous! (DD) Usually wears eyeliner on only top eyelid daily, but all over
eye on special occasions. Hair up on bad hair days. Usually sits with legs
pulled up under chin, hugging knees whether on chair or floor. Oh, and full
juciy (best word i could think of:L) lips ;) Never blushes.

Style: sometimes wears relatively indie styled clothes, skinny jeans of any
colour and band tshirts. Sometimes also wears Men's clothes. Likes Brogues,
Doc martins and Converse!

And past story: Parents don't really notice her, as they have busy jobs, she
moved out at quite a young age and learnt to fend for herself, she moved
from Worthing, England to Nervada at age 13. Sister, Pandora was murdered,
and brother Vlaadamir moved to Florida to work with animals, family doesn't
talk about Chase, her other brother. Doesn't really talk much as she doesn't
have many friends, she's used to being alone, but that doesn't mean she
enjoys it. Not religious. Draws when she's upset, and her room at home is
relitevly untidy.

came to Aokigahara: because, she wanted to get away from home life, she's
lonley, and no one ever notices her, even if she is pretty.

Part: Frank's GF. But not really all to bothered, i'd just like to be in it :):)

If you find any of this confusing feel free to message me, i sorta type it
quickly as i have stuff to do :L :)

Ems                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 09/12/2011 11:23:00pm

Name: Emily
Gender: female

Age: 20

Bad points: she can get aggressive when in a mood, gets bored very
easily, she either hates people or is best friends with them.

Good points: hyper most of the time, easy to be around, very funny (I'm
not very funny in real life) listens to people If they have something to
say, like to cause trouble but only to male people laugh.

Interests: listening to music, talking, talking, reading, laughing

Looks: dirty blonde hair, hair just below shoulders, not pale but not
tanned skin. Blue eyes, thin lips, button nose, freckles, side bangs

Style: skinny jeans, band shirts, converses/ Vans/ black trainers, hair is
normally down

Past story: lie in England til she was 11 near the seasidewitj her two
brothers will and Harley , she has two pet geckos who re 14 now they
are twin sisters. She loves animals her parents at divided so she has to
go from her moms her dads olot. She isn't religious but is christen.

She wants to got or Aokigahara to prove herself and lie up to her
adventurous family's goals. Also to work out her own life and work out
who she is.
Any of their GFs

anGus                   (User #8120) N/A 09/12/2011 07:52:44pm

Hola ^^
I shall message you my info :)

StrawberryGashes                   (User #10202) N/A 09/12/2011 04:15:15pm

What is your name: Gisele (Gigi)

Gender: Female

Age: 22, change if needed.
Bad points: Doesn't like to make a big deal out of things, so she'll stay quiet, but if someone comes at her the wrong way she is not afraid to speak her mind, even if it means getting physical. Sort of likes to be embarrasing and make people blush, but it's all in good fun, it can come off as she's a jerk but she means no harm. Perverted, I accidentally think of things that would make people shun me. Sometimes a little too sensitive

Good points: sassy, sarcastic and humble. A good listener and doesn't mind letting people vent if they need to. She will unwillingly give bad advice, but it's the thought that counts right? Open minded.

Interests: Reading, writing, nature, fitness, traveling, trying new things.

Looks: short black hair cut asymmetrical with the front layers just a tad bit longer, also a fringe that parts to the right. 5'7, yeah I'm kind of tall. Slender with curvy hips. C cup boobs (I'm sure that doesn't matter, just covering everything hehe.) Sage green eyes with black long lashes. Beige creamy skin. A beauty mark above upper lip. Usually wears a nude color lip gloss. Doesn't wear too much make up besides the basics, has sensitive skin. I've been told I resemble Olivia Wilde, just with shorter hair?

Style: Vintage/retro and modern. Skinny jeans, usually long sleeved/short sleeved V-necks. Sneakers or skater shoes. Hoodies or cardigans. Dressed in either black, blue, white, gray, or burgundy because it's my favorite color.

And past story (where dya grown up whats happening in your life etc): Born and raised in Arizona, mother is a former dancer (ballet, not like a stripper :P), father owns a bakery. Older brother Zack is the military. Kind of a trouble maker, got detention a lot, but mostly to hang out with friends. Can't deny it, tried all the drugs friends tell you try because it's cool, but realized it's not her thing so she quit it. Used to have a strained relationship with mother and brother. Brother pissed her off, and her mother didn't understand why and often took his side and didn't understand her way of living. So she stuck around her dad a lot. But now she's pretty close to her brother since he's been in the military, she worries about him. Raised Christian, but doesn't believe in religion, rather you choose your own path. Currently trying to become a photographer.

And I wanna know why you came to Aokigahara: For a new challenge, really to prove to her friends she could do it, but doesn't realize what exactly it is she's getting into.

Part : Bob's GF.

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