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Haylie Jaed                   (User #3426) N/A 12/11/2011 05:35:29am

You managed to take the only two songs by Pierce The Veil that I know and like and turn them into something amazing. I really liked this - the description was lovely, and it was nice to see Matt being so broke. Everybody always portrays him so strong. This was definitely a breath of fresh air.

You need to be left alone without a bedtime more often. XD


phenomenalalex                   (User #9584) N/A 09/12/2011 12:38:00am

Awwww!! :D They got back together after being horribly miserable without one another!! That's fantastic! Ahahaha. I think I like when you're stuck with your laptop with nothing else to do. Because this kinda stuff is what comes from it! The sad, sweet, adorable crap like this! And I loved it! Write more soon! -alex

xFuRiEx                   (User #9685) N/A 09/11/2011 04:48:20pm

That. was. amazing... !!! I agree with Synical Doors, no more bed time for you! Just the laptop...
I honestly loved this from the first words. You're an amazing writer!
lol! gowiththeflow's quote is funny. I didn't notice that while reading, haha.

Synical Doors                   (User #7071) N/A 09/11/2011 01:19:39pm

I think we should leave you with a laptop and no bed time
more often if this is what you come up with.

I was near tears reading the beginning of this.

My own heart broke for him. Seriously.

You need to write more often.

I can't wait for Tell Me Darling!

Really I just can't wait for anything from you.
You're fantastic, my dear.

gowiththeflow                   (User #9871) N/A 09/11/2011 09:52:55am

"Johnny appearing shortly after I turned around to face them
all", tehe. I'm sure you understand why I giggled -
poor Johnny, I'm sorry!

All in all, another great one-shot. The detail and
descriptive language in this was amazing - I could picture
everything so perfectly!

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