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Reviewer E-Mail Date
Anon                   (User #7565) N/A 06/13/2013 07:35:09pm

Please update soon! :)

Part #36 - I've Got A Secret Can You Keep It?
Emmykinz12345                   (User #11431) N/A 05/26/2013 04:02:22am

gosh i wish it was not midnight when i'm reading this or i
would be squealing and laughing the whole story i loved it so
much and i can't believe SHE SAID YES!!!!! Keep up the great
work love this story a lot.

Anon                   (User #7565) N/A 05/22/2013 06:40:01pm

Awesome story!...especially the David/Callie storyline. They are so perfect and cute! :) Please update soon! Pleeease!

Part #35 - In The Arms Of Sleep
Emmykinz12345                   (User #11431) N/A 05/07/2013 11:08:19pm

Wow great work i love this story i cant wait for the next
chapter :)Keep up the great work!:D

Part #33 - When Death Is At Your Doorstep
Kath                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 04/25/2012 10:35:33am

I've just read all the chapters! actually i read it through twice its soo good, i
really want to know what's going to happen! update soon?! please?! PRETTY

iHeartSebby27                   (User #2659) N/A 04/08/2012 11:20:51pm

sorry i haven't reviewed in a while. i just got caught up on all the chapters. ive been very very sick lately and my laptop decided to die on me. =( but very very good chapter. absolutely loved it and i cant wait to find out whats going on with brittany! update soon please?!

Part #31 - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
Nikkay                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 01/14/2012 08:23:11pm

Wooop, you updated. It took me forever to read this chapter does it get any longer? xD But its great and its much better than the previous one, I'm glad you changed it (well I think so, I can't remember every detail but I think its better) does it make sense? haha Callie was just hilarious I love her, every charakter has its own x Factor. Awesome, keep it up. greetings from finland.

Part #30 - Six Men And A Baby
alison                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 12/10/2011 11:17:01pm

omg i actually love your story eeekkk please write more soon, i just love how loads of craps happened then something wonderfull happens :') xxxx

sebbysgurl09                   (User #8134) N/A 11/23/2011 04:13:55pm

I've been reading this story for a while and I absolutly love it!I'm happy that Seb and Aly are finally getting along great. And David as a father sounds really cute :) You do have great talent... and I had to laugh at the part with the crib.

iHeartSebby27                   (User #2659) N/A 11/22/2011 05:16:09pm

awe david as a dad. that sounds so cute. it sounds like it would be alot of fun as well. lol update soon please. i really enjoy reading this. (even though i'm doing it at work. but shhh) lol

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