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Part #6 - Sympathy For My Lungs
Kisattsu                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 07/31/2007 07:36:28pm

I was curious about this sig-fic so I read through it. I disagree with your beliefs on fan-girls because not all of them go to the extreme over 'characters' wishing to screw them and what-not, going whorish for the thought of them.

I cling to sig-fics so much not because of romantic interest in the characters, but because I relish the thought of being able to fight along side of my favorite characters and actually being there not as a gamer on the other end of a t.v screen controlling the champions to my every whim but as someone who can actually interact with them while going through the experiences.

I'm so enthralled by the game world that I friggen wish .hack was real and that while I play I'll be sent into a coma and my consciousness could forever be sealed in the game gaining experience through battles and knowing, this is life no reset button I'll live this to the fullest hoping I come out on top instead of dead by some minuscule beast.

Sig-fics take a great deal of research and thought. for one you have to follow the preset order of the story you have to think of the dialogue that take place in the game and think of exactly how your character changes the preset events however slight they may be for different outcomes, as an authoress in progress of a sig-fic (not a damn self-insert I loathe those with a passion to rival the fires of hell) I've been through the game I'm writing about over and over again taking notes on every little thing like how many enemies the main character was forced to take on at one time to even the minuet of details in the background that would go unnoticed to all but the true fans of the game and maybe sometimes not even them.

You'd ever find me fawning over some picture of a character from some video game, or jumping out at some unsuspecting cos-player glomping them. I am the un-average fan, the one who over-reached, the one who would be perfectly happy playing the game the rest of her life looking for what she sees as flaws writing fics were the loose ends are tied in pretty bows taking small pauses to eat and maybe even sleep. The fan who wishes she was but pixels, so she could truly traverse the game world on the sole task of helping to save the world from cliche doom. The fan who knows damn well if she should ever have her dream realized the chances of her ending up a inch within her life on arrival are damn high. Knowing that in this dreary thing we call the real world she seems to fall for the wrong type if the same be said in a game world perhaps the love of her life would end her pathetic existence the moment they meet.

Even though I'm so into the game world it frightens me that I think so highly of it over what is real and right in front of me how, I think so much of pixels marching off into the unknown to save a great world thats miniaturized and able to fit on a t.v screen. and that all the information for such a world fits in a disc that hardly takes up any space at all in this vast world. And I think about how I bloody well disgust myself.

I don't think the main character's sister would behave as she had during the prologue. I'm a fan of games and a girl I don't delude myself should anything like that ever happen to me that I'd find myself romantically involved with the champion of the world, I'd probably be dead before I could get in a, "hi" or a "wow" I especially wouldn't get off a, "whoa dreams really do come true" which is why I'm perfectly happy to get a daily dosage of fic because it's through fics that the impossible and improbable happen.

Where 'fan-girls' can read about what they'd very much want to experience themselves with their rose-colored glasses in place. Where other gamers who aren't as hardcore as fans scoff at the so-called fan-girls like they know more about the game than the fan-girls should they be quizzed on game context rather than what their bi-shi -shudders at shorthand term- is wearing.

I hold no claim to the title fan-girl other than the fact that I am a hardcore gamer as well as a girl, I've never discarded a system or traded up I've bought each system separately for instance I have a ps1 and a ps2 in my house on the verge of going to collect dust when I purchase my ps3 I will never sell my systems because they have deep emotional value for me. I'll probably end up putting all my old systems in an area befitting items most sacred to me along with my manga, occasionally taking them down for a play like I do with my grandfather's NES and my SNES, 64, ps1, and sega dreamcast that are but spirits to me that I occasionally res at whim.

anyway I've been taking damn near to long on this, I digress of course as an author you have the right to do whatever the hell you want with your characters I just wanted to give you my perspective on things. I've actually cut my review short on this note praise whatever deity you serve. I'm out, I haven't the thrive to complete this I'm starting to wonder how long this review is -.-;

Part #2 - Prologue
Kris                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 09/13/2006 05:26:35am

Hm, besides the suggestion that was given.
Don't worry, not all fangirls are squeeling little irritating people.
I'm a fan girl as well, and you don't see me complainin' about your fiction now do you? I like this, quite actually... It's really refreshing !! Getting a little tired of so many Sues... Great gods... when will those stop! Anyways, I love the story so far~!!
Keep on writing!! And I'm not saying anything ... but have you tried reading the scripts? They're all quite beautiful really... XD But they do take a lot more time then they should... !

Part #4 - Wow
Griz                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 06/04/2005 11:34:58am


Part #2 - Prologue
Joseph C. McKenzie                   (User #65) N/A 05/22/2005 08:13:19pm

ROFL!! Oh my god, I have been waiting for something like this to be written! Bravo my Dear, you have made a tired Webmaster laugh! My suggestion? Change the text font color from lighter gray to black or another darker shade, its blending a little too well with the site and makes the reading a tad difficult.

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