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AMC                   (User #10620) N/A 01/27/2012 04:38:36pm

Oh God ! I realize that it was you who wrote this story ! I read it, but apparently i didn't reviewed it, even if i thought i did...anyway, doesn't matter.
Once again, i don't know the song you're talking about but i'll listen to it, i promise.
Hmm, about your story, it was beautiful, i mean it. Your character are just true in the way they are, and your writing match totally your story =)
I..i don't have much else to say, excuse me for that.. :/

Bye !


gowiththeflow                   (User #9871) N/A 07/30/2011 11:11:49am

Firstly, I haven't heard the song, but you are right - it
fit perfectly!

When you described the way Syn looked at the end of the
path, I pretty much melted.

Haha, I offered him a joint. Sounds like something I would
do indeed. You portrayed my personality perfectly too, with
the way I would speak.

This was really sweet. It's actually the first time I've
ever asked to be put into a story/one-shot, simply because
I love the way you write. And I wasn't disappointed! Thank
you so much for this, I honestly loved it!

Thank you so much Gabs :D xx

phenomenalalex                   (User #9584) N/A 07/29/2011 11:30:52pm

Awwwwww. :D SO. SWEET. I love how there's still that little bit of drama in your one shots. It's not total fluff, but it's still fluffy (because I ADORE fluff one shots). Milly and Brian foreverrrrrrrrr! Hahahah. MOOOORE SOOOOOON! -alex

KittyInferno                   (User #9933) N/A 07/29/2011 11:04:48pm

Jesus girlie you amaze me each an every time u post! I loved this :)
do more soon

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