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Synical Doors                   (User #7071) N/A 08/21/2011 01:53:44pm

I hate it when I miss shit.
But that's all the time these days.
Just yell at me so I read.

Stella's right, Brian is hotter but we all know that... =P

Poor Jimmy. Though I guess he's getting his own kind of
Johnny... I dunno but I kinda wanna punch him. No idea why,
I just do. -shrugs-

Anyway... I'm going to go read the next chapter.

rayshadowsA7X                   (User #9758) N/A 08/02/2011 05:30:21pm

Handcuffed to the bed.
Oh my god. Please give him to me now. :P

KittyInferno                   (User #9933) N/A 08/01/2011 04:37:45pm

ooooo I wonder what's gonna happen to Johnny :) The thought of Jimmy handcuffing him to the bed was priceless (I didn't enjoy it as much as naked Syn opening the door but it was fun lol)

LaReverend                   (User #8868) N/A 07/31/2011 01:37:20pm

Oh man this is great! Update soon I'm just dying to know what
happens to my dear johnny

Marie                   (User #10093) N/A 07/30/2011 08:15:11am

This story is something else :D
Really wanna know what happens with Johnny :D
Prettyplease, update :D

pen_and_ink                   (User #8378) N/A 07/29/2011 02:24:54pm

Ah you need to update this soon because I'm completely being sucked in by it...I really like how you're not afraid to say certain things or imply what's happening. Please update again soon!
Gab =]

Liera                   (User #9529) N/A 07/29/2011 03:42:19am

I've gotta say that i'm actually really liking this. It's different & crazy & i love it. Mmm, Zacky xD he just seems like the chill kinda guy. Sexy ;) Haha Johnny xD now you know not to fuck ppl over like that. Yepp, can't wait for the next chapter. And yay! can't wait for the Avengement update as well!!! =D

phenomenalalex                   (User #9584) N/A 07/28/2011 07:56:11pm

This is my kind of story. A little disgusting, but still amazing. With all kinds of crap going on. Sucks for Jimmy that he was done by another dude. EWWWW! Hahah. And now Johnny's gonna get even more payback. So it sucks even worse for him. Haha. I'm soooo freakin' glad that you decided to make this a full story!! Update soon! And I can't wait for the Avengement update too (along with the other two!)!!! -alex

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