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Part #7 - A/N
Rachel Potter                   (User #9488) N/A 04/29/2011 06:19:39pm

i understand, and i agree with alex that he should be castrated. with a dull
while suffering with chinese water torture.
and then brutally whipped.
then spanked.

zackyvsloveslave                   (User #6375) N/A 04/29/2011 05:26:27am

im so sorry that happened to you. I dont like guys that are
cheaters and liars and i hte when "friends" stab you in the
back. ive been down that road before but take as much time as
you need. were here for you and i hope everything works out
for you :)

phenomenalalex                   (User #9584) N/A 04/29/2011 02:58:29am

I'm so sorry. i can't respect ANY guy who cheats on their girlfriend. well, i can't respect anyone who cheats on their girlfriend/ boyfriend. any guy who does that needs to be castrated with a dull knife so it takes longer. just saying. all i can say is forget him. he obviously wasn't worth anything if he thought that was ok. and your friend is obviously not a very good one if she's gonna help him do cheat. i'm really, truly sorry. and i hope that everything works out. :) -alex

Part #6 - Imitation Violence
phenomenalalex                   (User #9584) N/A 04/28/2011 10:51:37pm

Sorry that it took so long for me to review! i dont really know why i didn't. so i apologize ahahah. anyway, yeah. they learned to freaking fly!!! yess!! that's the freaking coolest thing ever. and i have wings too! when i read that i was so excited!! i was like holy mother of jesus!! i can fly!! that's really freaking awesome. and they can throw fireballs and teleport!! heeeck yes. i wanna rule something awesome like that! so i can freaking teleport and garbage. and i cant wait to see what its like to rule it! update again as soon as you can!! -alex

Part #5 - Dancing Through Sunday
Synical Doors                   (User #7071) N/A 04/28/2011 12:28:07am

Look at me! I'm reviewing at long last!
I took my time but I got my ass over here...

The wings sound so cool. I want wings. Gold. And bright...
Like a Demon I love...

Anyway! I love the sibling dynamic even though they're
effectively going to be separated by the whole 'you're
ruling hell and you're ruling heaven' thing. That's gonna
suck for them. Especially since they've only recently found
each other.

This is moving rather quickly, as well. Like, their
relationships with Matt and Zacky. I find it strange they
have complete trust in them so quickly. But that's just me
and my trust issues lol

I love the magical aspect, finding themselves as the people
they are told they are. That's gonna be hard. Especially
for Christy, it seems, the way she mentioned her band.
Surely people in the human world will be looking for them,
though? Their adoptive parents? I'd like to know more about

Can't wait for an update, lovelies(cause there's two of you
writing... god that's gonna get confusing :L)

Anyway, you're doing a good job so far. I'm looking forward
to reading about their lessons. And especially looking
forward to getting to know your characters more. They're
opposite sides are going to make this interesting...

phenomenalalex                   (User #9584) N/A 04/27/2011 09:41:33pm

Matt and zack are so sweet to the girls. i swear it makes me giggle when they're all like "you're beautiful and gorgeous and blah blah" ahahah. christy got wings too! that's so freaking cool, bro! they have to feel freaking awesome! and it's really nice how they worry about each other all the time. they wanna make sure that the other is ok. me and my sister sure aren't that way! ahahah. we're the ones who blame each other all the time. :) i was super glad to see that this was updated again so quickly! update again as soon as you can!! -alex

JenniferGates                   (User #9037) N/A 04/27/2011 08:41:29pm

love this chapter, Zack is so cute!

Part #4 - New Self Evaluation
zackyvsloveslave                   (User #6375) N/A 04/27/2011 05:03:34am

wow that was fucking AWESOME! I love this chapter! update
when you can!

phenomenalalex                   (User #9584) N/A 04/27/2011 02:36:52am

hayden and christy got their powers!! that's awesome. i'm not gonna lie, the fact that she has wings now is pretty awesome. and i feel that it's necessary to point out that zack is really sweet. just sayin. ahahah. and me and brian get to assist with the ruling? that's awesome!! i thought it was hilarious when the was saying the sleeping dragon part. i died laughing. it was pretty true! ahahah. :) i was super glad for the update! update again as soon as you can!! -alex

Part #3 - Welcome To The Family
Hallie Vengeance                   (User #8309) N/A 04/18/2011 03:30:15am

I like it. A lot. A whole lot.

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