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Part #6 - Happy Ending Or A Bad One?
Synderella_Vengeance                   (User #8993) N/A 04/09/2011 06:45:57am

Michelle is a bitch! (Well at least in the story) I hate girls that do that shit. I'm glad it wasn't his and I loved this. I'd love to read some more of your one shots if you decide to write them! I hope everything gets better for you in your personal life.

phenomenalalex                   (User #9584) N/A 04/09/2011 04:52:10am

Thank god that aiden wasn't his! i was so nervous that he would be and that michelle would want to be in brian's life for good. and that she wouldnt want kristan to be around their son. but since he's not brian's, it's all good! :D and i love how kristan was all like supportive of brian. she would stay with brian no matter whether aiden was his or not. and i'm glad michelle apologized for lying to them and trying to ruin their relationship. write more one shots!! theyre awesome! :D -alex

Part #5 - The Fun Couple
Synderella_Vengeance                   (User #8993) N/A 04/09/2011 03:43:02am

lol. I actually have a husky pup. This was so cute! I loved it. Of course
Jimmy is perky in the mornings but we love him for it. RIP Jim.

phenomenalalex                   (User #9584) N/A 04/01/2011 11:33:38am

I know all of my reviews have been pretty much the freaking same, but all of these oneshots have been so adorable. i seriously love fluff. and i love oneshots too. so these are pretty legit. jimmy's so crazy!! ahh! that's why he can be so freaking happy in the morning! ahahah. i'm like dragon lady when i get up, but i can imagine jimmy being all bright and happy. :) and a husky puppy?!?! THOSE FREAKING DOGS ARE SO CUTE!! jesus christ!!! i want one! ahahah. anyway, this one was awesome. post the last as soon as you can!! -alex

Part #3 - Michelle Loves Zacky
Michelle E.                   (User #8798) N/A 03/31/2011 11:46:16pm

I fricking loved this! Thanks so much, you did an amazing job:) Can't wait for the next one:D

Part #4 - Johnny Loves Him Some Alissa
Synderella_Vengeance                   (User #8993) N/A 03/31/2011 07:32:27pm

Awww. That so cute it's sickening. Lol. J/k. Woo for making out with Jimmy! Loved it and can't wait for the next one.

Part #3 - Michelle Loves Zacky
Synderella_Vengeance                   (User #8993) N/A 03/31/2011 07:29:36pm

I loved this! I would probably die laughing if I heard Zacky talking to Icky like that. And I made an appearance! Yay!! Great job.

Part #4 - Johnny Loves Him Some Alissa
LissaLively                   (User #9518) N/A 03/31/2011 03:31:31pm

Awww that was really sweet, and definitely made my crappy morning 10x better :D It adorable. Haha 'short shit' poor Johnny, but we love him anyways. Leave it to Jimmy to put in his two cents hehe. Love him.

Thank you!!!

xo Lissa

phenomenalalex                   (User #9584) N/A 03/31/2011 11:34:33am

This oneshot was hilarious. ahahah. "eww gross. pda! come here and show me some lovin'!!" i was like oh my god, jimmy! he's crazy. :) they're all so freaking mean to poor little johnny. ahahah. it's so funny and he doesnt seem to care so much. this one was adorable and really funny!! :D write another as soon as you can!! -alex

Part #3 - Michelle Loves Zacky
Lillith Thursday                   (User #2550) N/A 03/29/2011 11:11:28pm

Totally loving these. Can't wait for the next one.

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