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Part #51 - You're A Legend - Chapter 50
Dezzy                   (User #6892) N/A 06/22/2012 08:04:11pm How long has it been? I can't remember...this was amazing. The wedding was beautiful and a cliffy ending, oh noes...anyway excellent job, my dear. Excellent. I feel like everyone hates me now...I gotta go...being here makes me cry...

Good job again

amethyst9008                   (User #7575) N/A 06/07/2012 01:34:15am

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! XO Not him, i thought they dealt with him already! No he cant take her :'''''< noo :'( as for Silas and Laura, yay! True love at last! ^-^ i hope theres a possible Silas jr in the future? ^-^ But not Franis, now i cant wait for the sequel to this story! Ten thumbs up

*FolieBear*                   (User #8679) N/A 06/04/2012 01:50:19am

Oh nooo! Scary ending! What kind of sick beast would want to kill Silas to have Laura?
They'd be making her a slave! Silas is always being kidnapped though, isn't he?
Anyway, that doesn't matter right now! What matters is that Silas and Laura are finally
married!! They are so cute together! And it sounds like they both looked absolutely
What an interesting message from Mr Crab... I wonder what he was alluding to...
What a fabulous chapter. And what a fabulous fic! I love these stories so much. I'm so
glad there will be another one! :D
You use such perfect imagery and your characters are so wonderful. You are so talented!
I have total faith that your name will be on the front of a book someday!
It was my pleasure to read and review this story - and I'll continue to do the same for
the next!
Sarah xx

Part #50 - You're A Legend - Chapter 49
*FolieBear*                   (User #8679) N/A 05/31/2012 11:32:29am

Ahh! Brilliant! I loved it!
I was terrified that Spicy really would kill herself - the thought scares me some. What a horrible
But Silas came to the rescue! No more Anna Dreamspinner! (For now anyway...) That was brilliant!
You're so clever!
Oh, and the last line was perfect too! Made me laugh!
Can I just say how adorable Silas and Laura are together? I beam whenever they speak to each other.
They're so in love! (Weddingweddingwedding?)
Perfect chapter! One of your best! :D
Update soon!
Sarah xx

amethyst9008                   (User #7575) N/A 05/30/2012 10:55:22pm

Whew, thank god everyones going to be alright :) so Anna turned herself into a dream but not a dream at the same time? how confusing and not confusing...... O_o hmm

Part #49 - You're A Legend - Chapter 48
*FolieBear*                   (User #8679) N/A 05/18/2012 07:09:09am

How awful! No wonder Marcus isolated himself for so long.
And poor Spicy having to watch all that. I hope they find Anna and Damian and that they are
imprisoned for a long time.
It's all so unfair! I hope it all gets sorted soon!
Fabulous chapter! Looking forward to 49!
Sarah xx

Part #48 - You're A Legend - Chapter 47
*FolieBear*                   (User #8679) N/A 05/11/2012 10:12:24pm

Oh Marcus! I had no idea he had been tortured like that! What a
horrible thing.
Nice to see Pete and Ambrose getting on at last. Let's hope it stays
that way!
Still no wedding though! I can't bear the waiting!
Gorgeous chapter - some brilliant descriptions in there. :3
Update soon!
Sarah xx

Ps. Sorry for taking so long to review! That's what I get for not
checking my emails!!

Part #47 - You're A Legend - Chapter 46
*FolieBear*                   (User #8679) N/A 05/01/2012 04:26:13am

Ooh, looks like the mystery is going to be solved at last! But will it lead to another story
And girl, I can't bear all the teasing! When is this wedding going to happen? I've been waiting
46 chapters!! ;D
Gorgeous chapter. Marcus and Williams' meeting was perfect. So gorgeous.
Can't wait for 47 (wedding?)!
Sarah xx

Part #46 - You're A Legend - Chapter 45
*FolieBear*                   (User #8679) N/A 04/19/2012 02:36:01am

Awhh! That was lovely. Especially the part about Crab having to forgive himself. It reminded
me of one of your older stories - I think it was called 'I'm A Ghost Haunting My Own Life'
or something along those lines! Forgiving one's self is a difficult thing to do.
I thought it was so sweet when Eleanor found out Silas was still alive. That was just
lovely. ^_^
I love everything about this chapter! It was just wonderful!
It's SO time for the wedding! I've been waiting for one since they first showed any
affection toward each other! Those two are just meant to be.
Update soon!
Sarah xx

Part #45 - You're A Legend - Chapter 44
amethyst9008                   (User #7575) N/A 04/15/2012 10:38:25pm

HOORAY!!!! *cue marching band celebration music and confettii* xD Silas is alive, Crab is a hero, Marcus is well and everyone is gunna PARTY AT SILAS'S AND LAURA'S WEDDING!!!!! XD this is awesome, i knew there was no way this story could end with Silas dying! I hope all goes well from here ^-^ update soon?

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