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Part #2 - Casting Call
leemurdaa                   (User #9333) N/A 03/26/2011 10:40:16pm

Preferably Johnny but any of the three will do

Name (first and last/nickname) :Leah Rivers. Go by Vodka and Peterpann

Personality :Blunt, bubbly, vain but not arrogant, understanding, insightful, witty, sarcastic, people pleaser.Age 22. More but I don't want to bombard you with personality traits. If you want to know more PM me please.

Physical Appearance :5'2, white, pale, like never seen the sunlight pale, auburn-purple ish hair like Zacky Vee's in the photo shoot where he has a cigarette andwearing a jack daniels shirt. Not super curvy but small curves, hazel eyes, septum pierced, cheeks pierced, canine bites(two monroes with snake bites) and ears stretched to a 00.

Style (clothes and what not):Chic Bohemian, with occasional skinny jeans, band tees, cardigans, flowy skirts and dresses, any type of boot so long as it is flat, converse mainly,

Kids:Maybe 1 for now, around 1-2 years

Job : Receptionist at tattoo parlor

Background info:Grew up in TN, left for CA at 17 with her parents, not a trouble maker but definitely not picture perfect. Has been backstabbed by people she cared about so she has a hard time telling people things, not like never says anything to anyone but very selective. Aything else PM me.

Kai Namazaki                   (User #5574) N/A 03/24/2011 01:06:12am

oops, not mad. i meant even if i don't get picked, i'd still love to read story, haha. my bad.

Kai Namazaki                   (User #5574) N/A 03/24/2011 01:04:05am

Name: Kai Namazaki

Personality: Shy @ first, but really outgoing and hyper once comfortable; creative; loves drawing and listening to music; loves food :D

Physical Appearance: 5'0"; Japanese; black asymmetrical bob; light tan but still pale/white; black eyes; 21 yrs old; hourglass figure; snake bites; industrial piercings in each ear; 10g gauges; Deathbat tattooed on back of neck; rosary tattoed on inside of left wrist

Style (clothes and what not): band shirts; v-necks; tank tops; skinny jeans; black urkel glasses; Vans and Converse; thigh length and knee length shorts

Kids: Um...maybe...idk

Job: Art Designer in a rock/punk clothing company??

Backround info: born and raised in LA, never been anywhere else except Vegas and Tokyo. Lost parents when 10 in a car accident. Has slight low self-esteem. Loves drawing/painting and listening to music when feeling down or feeling angry/alone. Sometimes uses shyness as a defense mechanism. if you need anything else, just pm.

guy: johnny or matt

even if i don't get mad, i'd still love to read this! :D

A7xlove83                   (User #9794) N/A 03/23/2011 05:24:09am

I forgot my background so here goes I am the oldest of 3 kids
I have a younger brother (Erik) and sister (Tina)lived in
Colorado before moving to California for a change of scenery
figures there is a better chance of becoming a well known
makeup artist in California vs Colorado. Not sure if you need
anything else just let me know :)

A7xlove83                   (User #9794) N/A 03/23/2011 05:14:31am

I want to be in your story yay so exciting I guess Jimmy is
left and thats perfectly fine with me :)
Name: Stephanie Steph for short I guess no real nickname
Personality: Im shy at first but once I get to know you I
never shut up.I can be super silly. I am completely loyal
to my friends and family and have been known to get in
fights to protect them some might say I have a temper.
Appearance: 5'3" dark brown hair to the middle of my back
with side swipe bangs brown eyes nose and lip are pierced
with studs body type is curvy not stick thin kinda like
Jennifer love Hewitt.
Style: Rockabilly pin up girl status but also wear dark
wash jeans band tshirts and plenty of bandanas.
Kids-I love kids little girl or boy doesn't matter
Job-Makeup artist hairstylist I love making people look
Let me know if you need anything else

phenomenalalex                   (User #9584) N/A 03/23/2011 03:31:55am

I completely forgot to put my background info! i'm sorry! ahahah. let me do that now! :) i'm very close to my parents. even though they're divorced, they get along and are great friends. i'm close to my whole family really. especially my cousin. i love hanging out with her and my best friend. i'm a good kid. pretty straight edge. never drank or done drugs. love baseball. always have. i used to go to games all the time with my parents so i think that's what started it. now i go all the time because i love it. ahahah. i'm not sure what else, but let me know! sorry i didnt write this earlier!! :) -alex

Part #2 - Casting Call
Tati Tokyo                   (User #9779) N/A 03/23/2011 03:13:52am

Johnny!!! hehe.

Name (first and last/nickname) : Tatiana Valentino, I go by Tati (Tay-dee) mostly.

Personality : Charismatic, charming, humorous, witty, outgoing but sometimes shy. Optimistic, sophisticated, and eccentric.

Physical Appearance : brown hair down to shoulders with golden higlights, choppy and layered, worn straight. Brown eyes, 5'6, slender and a little curvy in the hip area, so hour glass shape. I have a lip ring as well.

Style (clothes and what not): Edgy. Lacey shirts, cardigans, converse, skinny jeans, flats, band tees, long sleeved shirts, tank tops.

Kids: Yes? No? How many? - umm....yes? I'm an only child, so I love kids :) I'd love a daughter? 1-3 years old?

Job : Photographer or Public Relations with bands. I like making people look good lol.

Background info : grew up in Calfornia all her life, hasn't been anywhere else much. Only child, doesn't speak to father because she holds a grudge against him for walking out on her and her mom. A pretty good kid, not much of a troublemaker. The father of the kid isn't in the picture?

I hope I didn't screw this up, if you choose me and need more info, feel free to PM me. Thank you for the chance!

phenomenalalex                   (User #9584) N/A 03/23/2011 03:00:33am

I'd love to be with matthew!!! ahahah. :) NAME- alexis marie (i go by alex though. i'm only called alexis when someone's pissed at me or if someone's trying to piss me off). PERSONALITY- i'm funny, sarcastic, happy, outgoing, and laidback. i tend to forgive really easily. and i don't get angry or upset easily. it takes A LOT. APPEARANCE- I'm 5'2". i have straight dirty blond hair that goes to the middle of my back. i have sea green eyes. my body type is kinda curvy. STYLE- mostly dark jeans and band shirts. sometimes vnecks. i love bright colored converse too. KIDS- i don't have any, but i want one kid. i'd love a son! :) i'd be a terrible mother to a daughter. JOB- my dream job is a baseball journalist. i'd love to report on games and players. i think that's all!! let me know if you need anything else!! :) -alex

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