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Part #6 - Love Sucks
gowiththeflow                   (User #9871) N/A 08/22/2011 10:52:25am

Vendetta's a cool name.

Poor Johnny thinking he's always second best to the other

Another great one-shot. :)

Part #5 - Synfull Dreams
gowiththeflow                   (User #9871) N/A 08/01/2011 09:26:35pm

This was awesome too! I LOVE YOUR ONE-SHOTS!

Part #4 - Snuff
gowiththeflow                   (User #9871) N/A 08/01/2011 09:24:17pm

Oh fuck. That was so sad - you were right about it being a
tearjerker! This was a really good idea... The one-shots
I've read from you are really original :)

Part #3 - Almost Easy
gowiththeflow                   (User #9871) N/A 08/01/2011 09:20:32pm

oO this was creepy but in a good way. Even though there
wasn't really much to go on what Aria looked like, I could
still picture her there rocking back and forth in the cell -
that's awesome writing skills! I loved this - it was so
dark, and sad...

Part #3 - Dreams
gowiththeflow                   (User #9871) N/A 08/01/2011 09:17:23pm

Oh Zacky, you poor boy! First you get punched and then you
witness the boy you love with someone else...

Part #2 - Forever Afterlife...
gowiththeflow                   (User #9871) N/A 08/01/2011 09:13:49pm

This was so good! Normally one-shots fail to grab my
attention the whole way through 'cause I know there'll be no
more after it, but I found myself reading through it all. So
heartbreaking, and well written... This was beautiful.

Part #5 - Synfull Dreams
D Christ                   (User #9826) N/A 08/01/2011 01:52:07pm

OMG! I love it!!! I'm so in love with it I think I need
to draw another Synacky for you! Love you!

Part #4 - Snuff
phenomenalalex                   (User #9584) N/A 07/01/2011 05:13:16pm

That was seriously sad. Like I can't imagine how hard it must have been to have to leave each other. Because they still love each other. But they had to let go. It was really sad. You should write more soon. I love one shots and these are really good! -alex

D Christ                   (User #9826) N/A 07/01/2011 03:20:20am

Im crying now!!!! Its so good but sad at the same time!!!

Part #3 - Dreams
D Christ                   (User #9826) N/A 04/01/2011 02:03:34am

OMG!!!!! I loves that so much!!!!!! Pleaz keep up the writing!!!!

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