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Part #9 - Ch. 8
soullust                   (User #8371) N/A 09/16/2012 02:57:51pm

:):):) love it!

MissaVengeance                   (User #9041) N/A 08/30/2012 11:25:47am

Thank you for bringing it back, kudos its a great chapter :)

SynfulOne                   (User #10322) N/A 08/29/2012 11:00:59pm

Just read all of the chapters. Great story so far! The
Avenged guys and vampires...who could ask for more? :)

I'm loving Brian (and your descriptions of him - gawd that
boy is gorgeous)! Love Zacky too - he seems like just the
coolest dude. So glad that Zacky saved Brian from what
sounds like it would have been an early and awful death. I
just hope that Brian genuinely has feelings for Kasey and
that he didn't use his vamp powers to make her lose her
virginity to him (or sleep with him again). Even if she
does marry Zacky, I hope she and Brian can make a go of it.

Looking forward to whatever happens next!

Part #9 - Ch. 8
AfterlifeQueen                   (User #10014) N/A 08/29/2012 01:38:51am

Woohoo!! Glad you guys came back and updated this story!
Great chapter and would love to see what would happen in
this love... square? =D

Part #8 - Ch.7
resyn                   (User #10795) N/A 05/09/2012 04:42:31pm

Ok you so totally can't leave it right there!! I need more please!!!!!!!!!!

Part #7 - Ch.6
AfterlifeQueen                   (User #10014) N/A 01/24/2012 03:41:48am


Part #8 - Ch.7
AfterlifeQueen                   (User #10014) N/A 01/01/2012 02:54:24am

Very interesting story... Please upload!

Rachel Potter                   (User #9488) N/A 04/25/2011 07:43:21pm

Oh gosh. They feel so protective of her!
I kinda wish Matt would lay off... What she feels for Brian seems mutual.
And Xavier.... he needs to bug off! She doesn't want anything to do with him!
But I feel like if he does get ahold of her, he'll turn HER.
Nothing to horrible should happen to Kasey....

Update soon, hun!

Shamma                   (User #9743) N/A 04/15/2011 02:23:32pm

Aww... Sad story about Brian's past. :(
The next chapter is gonna be so good! xD
I can't wait to see what is gonna happen with Xavier and Kasey.

phenomenalalex                   (User #9584) N/A 04/14/2011 08:16:10pm

Now matt wants to do her!! jesus christ! she may be the luckiest girl in the entire freaking universe. i would definitely be taking advantage of his desires if i were her. ahahah. and i hope it wasnt brian pushing her into a feeling of lust. because i thought they really liked each other. i hope they do at least. and xavier's there? oh that's great. they better protect her, because she can't get hurt. like i said, i'll be pissed if anything happens to her. update as soon as you can!! -alex

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