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Part #24 - Maybe We Shouldn't Be Together
Bshadz                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 09/08/2012 03:42:27am

I'm just so in love with this story :D 10/10 keep up the
good work, and please keep updating.

Liera                   (User #9529) N/A 07/25/2012 01:28:04am

Oooo, this is getting REALLY scary lol. I love it =D I can't
wait to see what happens. Everyone is in a lot of pain now, i
can tell. Hope you update really soon ^_^

Part #23 - Over Protective
Liera                   (User #9529) N/A 06/09/2012 09:01:21pm

I don't care that she claims she's not scared of Nick. I am Dx and yea, it's really good for them to talk. They really need to before they lose an important friendship

bat-c0untry                   (User #10182) N/A 06/08/2012 05:07:39pm

Shorter than I thought this would be, but I did like the
update. Nick sounds like a wannabe badass. I just hope for
their sake that he doesn't do anything again. As for Zacky
and Matt's situation, that is AWKWARD. At least they're
talking about it, though. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Part #22 - Not My Dad
bat-c0untry                   (User #10182) N/A 05/12/2012 08:59:31pm

I just got into this story last night, and OMG. This was a
good chapter. I have a feeling I know whose at the door, and
I don't like it! Though, I hope everything is going to be
okay. Can't wait for another chapter!

143shadowluv                   (User #6617) N/A 05/12/2012 12:10:12am

Oh crap good chapter!!!! Who is at the door?? Update soon

foREVer97                   (User #9980) N/A 05/11/2012 09:08:10pm

Oh gosh! Just when it was about to get serious! xD

Please update soon =D

Liera                   (User #9529) N/A 05/11/2012 05:37:11am

O Shit!! I bet it was that one guy from before. The one she didn't know O.O this doesn't sound too good :/ i hope they'll be okay :/ thank you sooo much for updating =D

Part #21 - Let's Just Piss Everyone Off
xxUnholyConfessionsxx                   (User #10832) N/A 04/13/2012 11:31:20am

Hahaha who wouldn't kiss Matt back .. Like really :P but still, he's a bit of
an ass .... I absolutely love this story ... I love the story line it has ... It's
amazing :) please update soon :)

foREVer97                   (User #9980) N/A 04/12/2012 08:30:54pm

Everyone DID get pissed off... I didn't think you meant it xP

Great chapter, love the tension it leaves us with ^^
Please update soon!

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