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Part #21 - Twenty
Synical Doors                   (User #7071) N/A 04/12/2011 04:27:25pm

Awww. That was so lovely.
Such a perfect way to end this story.

Everyone's happy and their lives are beginning.
Zack walking her down the aisle was so sweet. As was the
fact that they are still teasing Sam about the note between
Jimmy and herself while in school.
I'm pretty sure that will be something she will never live
down her entire life.

I can't wait to read what you come up with next.
This story had me in a constant good mood while I was
reading and I thank you for that.

zackyvsloveslave                   (User #6375) N/A 04/12/2011 03:57:35am

nooooooooooooooooooooo! why did it have to end?!!!!!!!!!!!!
but that was such a good story! the ending was beautiful and
it was like how i dreamed my wedding to be like PLEASE LET
THERE BE A SEQUEL!!!! I hope there is because youre really

Part #20 - Nineteen
zackyvsloveslave                   (User #6375) N/A 04/12/2011 03:50:26am

aw this was a funny and cute chapter! update soon and Jared
commercials are annoying but funny

Part #21 - Twenty
avenged7x                   (User #9636) N/A 04/12/2011 01:34:27am

holy crap. the ending.. i absolutely loved it. it was perfect. you're doing a sequel though, right? riiiight? haha. i like phenomenalalex's idea.. i think there should be a bunch more chapters :P anyway, i hope you continue with this story, but if not i'll be sure to check out some of your other stuff :)

phenomenalalex                   (User #9584) N/A 04/12/2011 12:30:41am

The end?!?! WHAT?! nooooooooo!!!!!!! i don't want this to end!!! oh my god!! this was my favorite story EVARR!! D: IT CAN'T BE OVER! since it is, i just have to say that i LOVE the ending. it's so freaking sweet. they're finally married and can spend the rest of their lives together. i just can't believe it's over. i was under the impression that it would go on forever. and i really wished it would. it's so sweet that zack walked her down the aisle. and that she's finally samantha haner. oh god!! i think that youu could write and awesome sequel! ;) and i know you probably don't want that at all ahahah. just sayin. how about and epilogue? or how about this just be a REALLY late april fools joke and this story still has 20 more chapters!!. ok ok. i'm sorry. i just love this story so much and hate to see it end. but i really adore this ending. and this chapter. and this entire story in general! i hope you write and post another story (or sequel. ahahah i'll never give up!) soon. you are such a good writer! -alex

Part #20 - Nineteen
avenged7x                   (User #9636) N/A 04/11/2011 06:59:01pm

aw this story's so cute. i love sam and brian together. and i'm sure their wedding is going to be adorable. update soon (:

Synical Doors                   (User #7071) N/A 04/11/2011 06:56:01pm

Aww, beach wedding. It's oddly fitting for them. Their
reunion after his first tour and stuff.

I can't wait for the wedding itself! I am sure you will write
it wonderfully, like the rest of this story.

I love this, can't wait for an update.

Part #19 - Eighteen
Synical Doors                   (User #7071) N/A 04/11/2011 06:52:53pm

I think you and many other writers on this site have teamed
up with my iPhone so that whenever you write in a character
from a different band or one of their songs, I always end up
listening to them
It never fails. Forever and Always came on shuffle just as
you revealed who he was she was dancing with.

The other girls' comments pretty much summed up the ending
there. It was enjoyable =P

Part #18 - Seventeen
Synical Doors                   (User #7071) N/A 04/11/2011 06:01:26pm

Aww, they're getting married.
The mushroom thing could have been so much worse than it
was! I'm glad they had the adrenaline!

I used to hate wearing dresses, too.
And now I love them for some strange reason.
But I absolutely loved the description of her dress! I want

I am assuming the next one will be the party itself, I'm
off to read it!

Part #20 - Nineteen
phenomenalalex                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 04/11/2011 04:26:49am

What?! THREE chapters in ONE day?!? :DDDD YOU DONT UNDERSTAND MY JOY!! :). this is fantastic. especially since i'm so pissed about having to go back to school tomorrow that i can't sleep. spring break's over :( anyway, SHE'S GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW!! YES!! she's going to be samantha haner. :) that's so sweet. i love how i'm complaining about waiting. that's so me! i'm so impatient that it's not even funny! i'm glad she found the right dresses for her and the girls. i can see how wedding planning would be exhausting. but if you're gonna plan a wedding, it may as well be nice! that's what im gonna do. if i have to plan a wedding and spend all that time, it's gonna be freaking nice! ahahah. and i love those jared's commercials. "he went to jared! HE WENT TO JARED?! ahh!!" they're so corny. "zack went to jared." that was so freaking funny. and of course theyre going to a strip club!! where else would they go for a bachelor party? they're guys!!! i'm so glad for the quick update! update as soon as you can!! -alex

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