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Part #9 - Gasps, Guts And Googling
Ciara_Sevenfold                   (User #8626) N/A 02/10/2011 05:13:32pm

okay okay.
Dont kill me. Lifes been mayhem, school sucks ass and i have exams so blame them :L
Yeah, i'm your little irish friend. Although i'm tall, so i'm not little :L
Oh yeah go me. 91 percent. Thats pretty awesome.
Jimmys awesome for that :D

Jimmys not aloud come over with out me attacking him :B
I joke :D

Loved the chapter :) update soon! :)

Lys                   (User #9281) N/A 01/25/2011 06:13:51am

Oh Johnny, I love him to death, but good Lord he's a jerk in
this lol
Awh Zack and Kate are so freakin' cute.
This is going to be interesting though, since they aren't on
the best of terms, oh boy.
Also, Jimmy is coming over?! Yay, can't wait to read more :)

phenomenalalex                   (User #9584) N/A 01/24/2011 09:29:20pm

Well isnt johnny a ray of sunshine?! he's a tool. poor zack. hahah. kate and zack are the cutest couple ever i swear!!!!! hahah. i love them. not as much as i would love me and zacky, though. :) well i cant wait for him to get on the tour! i hope he and johnny become friends again!! update as soon as you can!!!! -alex

Part #8 - Fractions
Lys                   (User #9281) N/A 01/23/2011 07:37:06am

Ah Brian's so cute, I love how he was cooking and all.
Oh boy, big meeting time, I can't wait to see how THAT goes!
Haha love this story! More soon :)

Part #4 - Bliss
Liera                   (User #9529) N/A 01/22/2011 07:07:56pm


Part #2 - Introduction
Liera                   (User #9529) N/A 01/22/2011 07:02:27pm

If you're still looking for some ppl to throw in, i can give it a shot =) might not remember every detail, but i'm sure you'll be able to create something out of it ;)

Name: Liera (this is a nickname btw cuz it's actually Ariel backwards switch the i & e)

Hair Color: Rich golden brown maybe?

Eye Color: Left eye green Right eye blue

Hair length: Reaches about to the boobs XD

First 3 ppl i have a "thing" for: Zacky V., Syn, and... I don't think i really have a third...

Occupation: Singer maybe? Idk, you can create that part if you want =)

Bio: she's very caring to the ppl she takes a liking for. She has a laid back personality most of the time. Knows how to fight. Likes to make ppl laugh. She's just generally a happy, beautiful easy going person :)

p.s. all of her characteristics are made up. I'm a writer myself, so i actually know how to make different characteristics up instead of using own =)

Part #3 - Anticipation
Liera                   (User #9529) N/A 01/22/2011 06:49:57pm

A very mysterious first chapter indeed

Part #8 - Fractions
phenomenalalex                   (User #9584) N/A 01/22/2011 02:02:01pm

i can't wait for zack and johnny to meet up!!! hahah i have a feeling its going to be funny. i love that kate and brian met and brian and zack got to catch up!!! i almost cant believe how close they actually are. well, i loved the chapter and i need you to update as soon as you can!!! -alex

Part #7 - Expectations
Ciara_Sevenfold                   (User #8626) N/A 01/22/2011 10:51:52am

Oh you've put me in perfectly :) thank you so much :)
I loved this. Oh, Zacky is gonna have to talk to johnny.
That could be... Intersting.
In anyways. Loved it :)
Update soon :)

Lys                   (User #9281) N/A 01/21/2011 07:55:07am

Just started reading this, it's so good!
I love it. It's so weird to see such a different take on them.
This is going to be interesting with Zack having to work with Johnny, oh boy lol
I love all the characters so far, can't wait to read more! :)

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