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jaz_vengeance                   (User #9180) N/A 01/10/2011 10:16:13pm

oh my god, i feel soooooo bad for zacky!! this chapter was amazing, the way you portrayed the emotions was just perfect. i'm glad you did this chapter in zacky's pov coz i really needed to see his side and his pov is just as justified as ana's. but his worst case scenarios were ridiculous, there's no way that ana'll dump him for some french dude, i mean can't he see how much she loves him??
i'm really scared!!!! the last part was just... scary!!! it was so not them and it breaks my heart to see them so miserable
it really amazed me that zack was able to keep his cool during the photo shoot at the boat. and the thing with giorgio (idk why but the name made me laugh), i completely undestand his reaction, coz kat was crossing the line with that
i'll go read the next chapter now, wow i can't believe i haven't been on the computer for so many days ugh

itsvickyy                   (User #7605) N/A 01/08/2011 10:02:05pm

My heart breaks for Zack. I thought he was kind of immature and possessive at first when he was so against Ana posing for the magazine. But now, you see a different side of him. and a different perspective to the whole situation.
Thats what I love about this story. You get to see two people, completely in love with each other. and its so real.
(well besides it being a fanfic haha)
and you can really relate to some things. and the pain, frustration. and happiness.
You can obviously tell they love each other so much.
I felt so bad for Z when he realized he'd have to watch Ana doing the photo shoot.
but the ending of this chapter, makes me feel slightly uneasy. can't believe I have missed so much of this story! AH!
onto the next one..

Talenaa7x                   (User #9497) N/A 01/03/2011 06:36:04am

Im completely addicted to this story and all your other fanfics about the boys! GAH! keep rockin the keys!

LEADSAILSpaperanchor                   (User #8343) N/A 12/29/2010 07:32:11pm

I loved it. Is that weird to say? This whole time I thought Zacky
was being an immature child about this whole thing, but now I see
his side. It's beautiful how much these two love each other, and
makes one yearn for a love that pure and sweet. I can see why he
wants to keep Ana all to himself. Loved it. Can't wait for the next
one :].

Hanny Gates                   (User #8413) N/A 12/29/2010 06:49:21pm

Okay.. You're right... I am scared.. scared out of my
fucking mind!! If this wasn't such a great opportunity for
Ana, I would have wished she had never agreed to do it, BUT
I am glad she did because it really is an amazing
I feel bad now, for thinking Zacky might just be wanting to
control her.. He just wanted to see her...
It was cute, when he was getting out of the shower, all
confused, and almost falling.. :) That made me laugh..
And in the middle of such a special moment, Ana asks about
Sparrow... Haha.. :D

By the way, thank you so much for making this in Zack's
point of view! It really was great to know what he was
thinking throughout this difficult time.. it makes it so us
readers could understand more what he is going through, and
I know that I really appreciate it, and everyone else
probably does too..

it made me sad though... Read how miserable he was
throughout the whole thing.. I probably would have done the
same thing Ana did if I was in that situation.. Not even
look at him... i am immensely proud of him though, for
keeping his cool throughout the shoot on the boat... and
then he flipped at Kat about the other guy.. And that is
just fine.. I completely understand where he is coming
from... If I was him, I probably would have done the same
thing... And now he'll be on the cover of the magazine too!
I feel so bad for him still... like when they got back to
the hotel and he was just so miserable.. which in turn,
made Ana miserable... It just broke my heart.. i mean, they
didn't even have sex... It's just, not them... So yeah, I
go back to what i said at the beginning of my review, I am
fucking SCARED!!! But, I still love this..
and no matter what happens in the chapters you write, I
still find them absolutely amazing!! I can't wait for your
next update girl!! :)

Lady Numb                   (User #8253) N/A 12/29/2010 06:00:08pm

Ok, I need to calm down...I need to I can't cause I'm SCARED! XD
First of all, this was really an amazing chapter...I love it when you write using Zack's point of view and I must admit now I understand him better than I did in the last chapter....and this time I must agree with him, the male model was way too much...that was crossing the line.... and it hurts to see how miserable he is and realize there's no way out of it, she has the right to live her life, he can't treat her like one of his belongings.... but I don't like it...and now you tell me I'm not gonna like the turning point...I had a feeling this was what was gonna happen, but since I'm wrong most of the time, I was hoping this was one of those time.... aaargh! I'm so frustrated....just keep in mind one thing: when they're in pain, I'm in pain (if it sounds like a moral blackmail, it's beacause IT IS one XD).
Moving on...this chapter had some really amazing moments...but one more thing first: Stacey...why do I hate her?please, tell me I don't have a reason to hate her...
ok, now I'm really moving on...

"Remind me not to give her any tonight so she'll look grumpy and not-so-glowy for tomorrow's photo shoot"

I know that's what happened, but since when he thought that he was still ok, all I could think was "yeah, sure thing Zack, I do believe you'll be able to do so" XD

“Where did you leave my baby?” She managed to stifle out from between our connected lips.
“What baby?” I pulled away, mystified. “I'm right here.”
“Sparrow.” She clarified, giggling.

...And that's why I love Ana XD

Photo shoot?

I found myself dragging my partially numb limbs out of the shower, almost tripping over my own feet as rushed out of the bathroom, my whole body dripping water.

“What photo shoot?!” I yelled when I managed to enter the main room, abruptly feeling much more awake, my eyes blazing.
[...]“I worked with Kat on the article and the settings throughout the week.” She explained calmly. “Today, we start the photo shoots.”
The blood drained from my face. Had I really been so fucking unlucky to have come visiting her precisely on the weekend when she was going to be posing half naked for a camera? I couldn't believe this. I honestly didn't know if I was strong enough to put up with that without going crazy.

LOL....poor Zacky...I shouldn't be laughing but the mental image is just hilarious...I almost felt sorry that I even thought he knew about her schedule....

Alright, amazing chapter, as I already say, everytime you manage to amaze me! Can't wait to read the next chapter....well, as soon as I'm back from London =)
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!! =) xxx

Warped                   (User #8183) N/A 12/29/2010 02:31:01pm

Oh dear God your writing is amazing, this chapter was brilliant. It didn't even seem like very much happened on a larger scale but following the rollercoaster of emotions Zacky went through had me almost in tears at some points. It's ridiculous how when you write from Zack and Ana's different perspectives, it's so easy to see how both of their reasons for her wanting to do it and him not wanting her to, are completely justified. Fantastic chapter!

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