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itsvickyy                   (User #7605) N/A 01/08/2011 09:56:18pm

Had to laugh at Zack sitting in the middle of Nat and Jess..
after reading this so long its just funny to know he sat in the middle of both of them completely zoned out.
makes me wonder whats going on in his head you know?
and A on Miami Ink?! lucky girl. lol.
sorry for crap reviews..anxious to see what else i've missed!

Hanny Gates                   (User #8413) N/A 12/26/2010 05:50:37am

I'm really glad that Zack finally decided to deal with the
fact that Ana was doing this article.. I really don't like
the mood swings though.. It would annoy the hell outta me..
That preface worries me.. I really hope that nothing too
bad happens to them... Matt sounded so wise! I was like,
Holy shit! Matt is so smarticle! It's good that he was able
to talk to Annie like he did... He is kinda the reason why
things are starting to work out.. and oh my.. That would be
so cool... Being on Kat's show... But now, Zee is coming to
visit, right when they are going to begin shooting.. Which
is not good.. Is he trying to control everything she does
on purpose, or does he not even realize that he is doing
just that? Even though, I still see where Zacky is coming
from, and it might even make him feel better, being there
for the shoot, so he can see what the pictures are going to
be like before he gets the magazine, and this way, there
won't be surprises... I can totally see more drama coming
in this though... Zack is going to try and control
EVERYTHING that goes on at the photo shoot, and Ana is
going to stick up to him, or something like that because of
how stubborn she is, and Zee, being just as stubborn, will
just argue right back and they're just going to end up
fighting... and I hate it when they fight.. I love them
being together, They're so cute.. But that preface totally
tells ya that something is going to happen.. and by
something, I mean something big.. And I am so worried about
what is to come... But I know I'll end up loving anything
you write.. Even though, I may not be too happy at times
because of the drama, even though I do love your drama..
You write it so well... :)
Anyways, I loved this chapter... I really hope you update
soon!! I love this story so much!! :D

jaz_vengeance                   (User #9180) N/A 12/24/2010 05:27:46pm

woah Zack, what's with the mood swings??? he's really getting on my nerves! first he behaves all childish and annoyingly possessive, then when she tells him she won't do the article if he tells her not to he suddenly matures and tells her to do it (and btw i really thought he was gonna say no and i was ready to join jess and nat in telling her what an idiot she was), and then he goes back to his ridiculous behavior!!
i understand Matt's point of view, and i totally agree with him, but Zack is reaching a whole new level of possessiveness and childishness. he needs to grow the fuck up and undestand that he can't keep Ana all to himself. and i know he said he was gonna try to be less selfish, and that he was being unfair to Ana, but he is most certainly not acting like he's trying! and now he's gonna go "visit" her, seriously Zack back off a little, actually a lot! i'm really scared of what's gonna happen to them! but on the other hand i can't wait for all the sulking and whining Zee is gonna do during the shot of every single picture. i'm sure it's gonna be funny.
i loved the parts where Ana realized that she needs to regain at least some of her independence, specially the one with Kat. and the part where Zack was oblivious to the fact that he was sitting next to nat and jess was funny.
i can't wait for the next update!!! merry christmas!! XD

Lady Numb                   (User #8253) N/A 12/24/2010 04:04:26pm

I'm gonna repeat what I said in the preface: i'm scared.
This is.... I don't know, strange.... the way Zack's not only childish and controlling, it's actually strange....he looks just a bit insane....and even though I completely agree with Matt (how come this guy is ALWAYS right, by the way? XD), this does not mean Zack isn't behaving...well, again, minute he's mature and making the right decision when she tells him she's not gonna do the article if he doesn't want to, then he's childish again, then he throws a fit (really Zack? how old are you, 5?) and decides to go and visit Ana...I wouldn't be surprised if he knew her schedule perfectly...mind you, i stil love Zacky and I an see his point, but in this chapter he was just....for the x time, strange....
back to the start, now I'm scared...I don't see anything good coming, and you know how much I love those two together...if they argue it's okay, but it looks like it's gonna be much worse....please don't do this to me? =)
Alright, so, as usual I loved the chapter (especially all those parts when Ana realized she deserves her own space...go girl!!!!) and though I'm not sure i will like what you have in mind, I can't wait to read the next chapter!!
Have an awesome Xmas!! And also, Happy New Year!!! xxx

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