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Part #12 - Maybe This Isn't A Good Idea
katie3                   (User #1062) N/A 05/18/2011 07:10:03pm

HEY GURL!!!!! Next Chapter Please!!!

Hanny Gates                   (User #8413) N/A 02/13/2011 06:23:35am

Ekky!! I will update eventually!! Haha
I have like, zero ideas at the moment and my mind has been
occupied, but I am TRYING to get stuff updated and posted and
stuff.... But anyways, I love this, as always... :)Sorry, i
can't really say much at the moment... But I will leave a
better review on the next chapter!! I promise!

Part #11 - I Don't Know If I Trust You
katie3                   (User #1062) N/A 01/27/2011 04:41:32am

Can You Please Update!!!!! PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!!! It's Been Too Long My Friend!!

Part #10 - Unexpected Encounters
katie3                   (User #1062) N/A 01/08/2011 06:47:06am

"He isn't my guy but DAMN he looked good"...That quote made me laugh my ass off! freaking glad you updated, I was getting antsy! Loved it as always.

Part #11 - I Don't Know If I Trust You
Hanny Gates                   (User #8413) N/A 01/08/2011 06:00:58am

YES!!! my second concussion ever!!! lol
At least this one wasn;t caused by me running into a wall...
Haha... That was funny!! Well, what i can remember of it was.
That's so exciting!! They totally didn't have a chance!
Matt is such an awesome big brotherly type hombre!!
And yay!! Katie is in the story now, and Johnny isn't lonely
anymore!! And Jimmy was in this chapter!! :D
I can't wait to read more Ekky!! This is so exciting!!
Laugh out loud!! That would be so funny if I just started
saying that instead of typing Lol.. Haha

Part #9 - Meeting And A Fight?
Hanny Gates                   (User #8413) N/A 12/28/2010 02:55:34am

I love how we have anger issues in this, 'cause I so know i
have trouble controlling my temper sometimes in real life..
Lol... and Yay!! Bloody noses!!
Our fight made me laugh. haha
And Holy Vengeance!!!!!! Brian KISSED me!!!
Like actually kissed me on the lips!!
OMS!! If only he would do that in real life.. :/
Lol... I would probably die if he did..
He'd kiss me and i would be like, gone... Haha...
And i got to meet short shit!!! I love short shit!!!
And so now I know about Jimmy being our brother..
and about Michelle beating my man...
I still think we should beat the shit outta her...
Like, we could have a day out and go to Starbucks and
run into her on the sidewalk and she could try and get Bri
back and i could be like!! NoooO!! Lol
Dude!! I loved the update!!
And I know you really want Bypassing The Crazed Ones
updated, and i am having major troubles with chapter three,
so I might text you for help... Haha
But dude!!! Ekky!! Update soon!! I so can't wait!! I love
this story!!! :) And I gots to tell you about some new
ideas i got for stories!!! Lol Anyways.. Yeah... Haha :)

Part #8 - Plane Rides And New Beginings
Hanny Gates                   (User #8413) N/A 12/21/2010 02:00:56am

It's okay that you made me cry, Ekky... Haha
So I was just wondering, where exactly in Washington do we

Yay to Michelle and Val being gone!! Lol
You and me SOOOOOOOO have to beat her up, not matter what
the guys say... Like I said before, NO ONE touches my man
and gets away with it.... Haha
And OF COURSE you can;t meet my favorite singer without

Now that Matt is in Washington, I;m curious as to what will
happen.... Update soon Ekky!!!

Part #7 - So Far Away
Hanny Gates                   (User #8413) N/A 12/20/2010 05:35:11am

Dude, Ekky!! That was completely heart breaking!!! I
couldn't stop myself from crying.... I really don't like
the thought of the guys crying... AND the thought of Jimmy
being dead still breaks my heart....

I'm glad that Matt ended it with Val... In this story, she
was just an ignorant bitch... How dare her try to burn
Jimmy's things... I am so glad she's not like that in real
life... That would just be horrible..

I still can;t believe someone would actually beat Brian,
let alone Michelle... Someone who supposedly loved him...
Matt is such a good friend to let him stay....

Now he's going to come see us.. I hope that chapter isn't
as heart wrenching as this one was... And I am curious as
to how we'll react to having him on our doorstep.... haha
That'll be interesting...

Ekky, I loved this chapter... No matter how sad it was.. It
was still great... Update soon!!! :)

katie3                   (User #1062) N/A 12/20/2010 04:27:27am

Jimmy said I'm pretty...yay! I giggled...anyway...what the hell Val?! It's actually really sad to try and picture all the boys crying, but once again....loved it!!

Part #6 - Without You
Hanny Gates                   (User #8413) N/A 12/17/2010 11:58:17pm

Are you serious???!!
Michelle is beating my man!!!!
That is MY MAN!!! She better not every lay another finger
on him again!!!
That's so cool!!! He gets to hang out with his friends for
three hours as a mortal!!!
I so can't wait until they come to WA!!! That we'll get to
meet them for realzies!!! I love when Jimmy went and put on
his old clothes!!! :D

Michelle really deserves a nice beating in this story...
You don't hurt my man and get away with it... Lol

Can't wait for your next update!!! :)

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