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Part #6 - We Were One, We Were Everything
Faith Sevenfold (Meghan)                   (User #8780) N/A 12/12/2011 08:21:19am

are you planning on updating this soon? D: I loved reading this story!

Part #2 - LINKS!!
Ekky Vengeance                   (User #8452) N/A 01/07/2011 11:49:54pm

My outfit is amazing. And your right you don't own me I does. Well I think
I do...not sure on that one

Part #6 - We Were One, We Were Everything
Ekky Vengeance                   (User #8452) N/A 01/06/2011 05:07:29pm

HANNAH YOU BUTT! Haha it was amazing.
You made me like a major bitch! I am so not like that! It was great I am with Bri lets go find him and beat him up. We could go all ninja on him.
I hope Kia is okay. You would so do that though! Its a good thing you don't live in the country with would have so many injuries.
I like the Zacky and me thing...And his hand in my back pocket! YAY!
YOU HAVE TO UPDATE! ITS NOT FAIR WE ALL WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS I WILL GO CRAZY. (Me big scary Erica with my lightsabor cause I don't have a tazer....yet)
You must update this weekend!

bLAdeKilljoy6S                   (User #9455) N/A 01/02/2011 05:09:42am

Bri's so sweet to her.
Yo ushould update for me soon!
Haha I loved it!

Faith Sevenfold (Meghan)                   (User #8780) N/A 12/31/2010 06:39:25am

ugh, as if Tyler did that; what an ass, I hate cheaters! and after he PROPOSED?!? ugh, I'd totally punch him if I could! lol, I loooovve being in your story :B and Kia and Brian are so damn cuteee! and OH SHIIIIT, I hope Kia's okay!! :O (Kia is a cute nickname btw, I love it) anywaaaaaay, great chapter, I enjoyed reading it! Update soon (I'm excited to find out exactly what happens between me and Matt :P); xoxo

Part #2 - LINKS!!
Faith Sevenfold (Meghan)                   (User #8780) N/A 12/29/2010 06:20:01am

I totally love my outfit! :)

Part #5 - My Life, You've Always Been There
Ekky Vengeance                   (User #8452) N/A 12/26/2010 04:25:00am

HANNY ITS SO ME!!!!!! Its so true I am like your sister and
you know it! haha. I love it! OMG MATT WAS IN A TOWEL
ONLY!!!!!! MOUTH WATERING TO THINK OF!!!! I can't wait for
the update slow poke. God your slower than me when i don't
get jimmy on wednesdays!
We so need to do that again!
Whatever you have up your butt for this story keep it
Just don't make me cry to much.....
Loved in Miss Hanny Gates.
I am so happy I gave you that name it suits you so well!!!!
If you forget about this story like you did with Bypassing
The Crazed Ones I will so go all ninja on you....kinda like
Jimmy's version on ninja!!!!

WishxOnxAxStar                   (User #9127) N/A 12/25/2010 06:19:21am

Yeah this is amazing I love it i hope that you can update it

Logan                   (User #9276) N/A 12/21/2010 03:36:35am

YAYYY YOU UPDATED! I really do like this story so I'm glad you
updated ^_^ And keep up the good work Hannah. YEAH!

Faith Sevenfold (Meghan)                   (User #8780) N/A 12/21/2010 02:42:38am

yaaaaay! I'm in your story! :D awesome chapter, I loved it! Update soon please! :)

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