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makeitup                   (User #9078) N/A 12/04/2010 09:56:17pm

Update! Yay! Hehehe male pattern baldness...:D

Sassy                   (User #8175) N/A 12/02/2010 09:23:29am

That was phenomenal!! So tense and yet, in parts, lighthearted! I'm so
scared for Joe, I didn't see that coming at all and clearly, neither did he! I
was going to say he shouldn't have gone alone, but if someone was with
him, they'd have had two of them now! Oh it's such a mess for them! I
really need to see what happens next very soon!

I voted for Oh Nostalgia. It was a close call, they're both very good, but
somehow the lyrics leap out more in Oh Nostalgia than New Regrets
and I think his voice is too low in the mix in New Regrets, the music
drowns him out - we want more of his beautiful voice, not less!

Anyhoo! Wonderful chapter. So vivid and believable but tense and scary
- can't wait to read the next! :D
Sas xx

*FolieBear*                   (User #8679) N/A 12/02/2010 07:20:03am

Don't worry about length! It's quality, not quantity that counts, right? And, my dear, that was quality!
And we all get writer's block sometimes.
Very funny, very scary, heartbreaking even.
I always love to see this updated!
Oh, darn. What's gonna happen to Joe? And will Andy and Patrick be okay? And what's going on with the girls?
So many questions! Which is why you're gonna need to update soon! :D

I voted! I went for Oh Nostalgia, but I love them both! I actually spent hours in deep concentration trying to figure out which one to vote for!
Joe said that he voted for New Regrets, though.

Anyways, super excited for your next update!
Sarah xx

Stump-o-matic-girl                   (User #7189) N/A 12/02/2010 03:22:49am

Hells Yeah!
Great review, don't worry about the length, there was still enough
suspense in it that I hardly noticed.
I can't believe that crooked cop! Bastard!
I wondered a few chaps back who had been watching their houses!
I can't wait for more.

I am still nursing some writers block, but I'm going to Nashville next
week and I'm so excited because I'm just sure it will inspire me!
I got both versions of Spotlight, they rock! I can't decide, but if I had to
make a split decision this instant I'd say New Regrets version... But I
don't know.
I'll quit rambling now

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