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Part #6 - Chapter 4
FemmeFatal                   (User #8651) N/A 12/29/2010 07:36:22pm

This was amazing!!
Olease update more soon
I'm so addicted to this story!
I hope Bill listens to Zacky and isnt going to hold the girl thing against him, although i think what Zacky did was stupid and all.
Please update soon!!!

emily                   (User #8803) N/A 12/29/2010 09:47:33am

I love this!!!
Poor Bill, he has been dragged threw it all, making him feel unwanted and upset.
Poor Zacky because he as only realised he is gay and stuff
I want more!!!
Plwease update soon or i shall not be happy... :P

Part #5 - Chapter 3
FemmeFatal                   (User #8651) N/A 12/11/2010 07:21:12pm

I have to know whats coming!
Zacky is so stupid stupid stupid!
How could he do that
Bill is so sweet
Zacky has to stop being an asshole and stop denying it
hes gotta go admitt his love for bill damnitt!!

jaz_vengeance                   (User #9180) N/A 12/11/2010 03:23:25pm

update, yay!!! i loved it!
somebody needs to knock some sense into Zacky! poor Bill, i hope Zacky will come aound soon.
update soon!

WishxOnxAxStar                   (User #9127) N/A 12/11/2010 09:02:17am

I loved this update. Poor Bill. Why can't Zack just love him. I like it
anyway you want to write it. Update again soon.

Part #4 - Chapter 2
jaz_vengeance                   (User #9180) N/A 11/17/2010 01:06:53am

OMG this is so awesome!! i love it!
update soon, i need to

Built For Syn                   (User #8500) N/A 11/15/2010 09:22:11pm

oh! love it so far!
do more! I really want to see what happens next! :O

emily                   (User #8803) N/A 11/15/2010 05:57:06pm

if. you. don't. update. i. WILL. cry!

Part #3 - Chapter 1
emily                   (User #8803) N/A 11/12/2010 06:04:12pm

i love it!!!!

he is DEAD!!!!

update soon!

Dr.Frankenfurter's_experiment                   (User #8877) N/A 11/12/2010 03:09:10am

Holy fuck Batman! That was epic!
Zee should seriously get with Bill. Whether Brian will approve, I am not too sure. Please update soon! Must know what will happen next or I might possible combust ;)

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