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Part #2 - Chapter One
Lys                   (User #9281) N/A 11/10/2010 06:59:50am

Loved this! It's gonna be an awesome story.
Jimmy and Zacky are so funny xD
I can't wait to read more about Hunter :)

CutieMcfoREVer                   (User #7197) N/A 11/09/2010 01:13:30am

Oh man this is awesome!! :D
I love it!

First of all I was just about sleeping in Maths this morning and i did the exact same thing, where you like jolt awake.
Yeah It was quite amusing, haha

It must be hard having something like BPD. To just change emotions like that and have to live with it.
Especially the people around you would have to have complete understanding and be patient with you.
But I guess if you love someone that much you look past that :)

Zacky and Jimmy by the lockers!! haha Jimmy's just busting on Zacky's bubble.
Jimmy is a tripper. haha you gotta love him. :P

Great Chapter!!

jaz_vengeance                   (User #9180) N/A 11/08/2010 11:48:48pm

loved it!! i'm hooked, update soon!! :)

Hallie Vengeance                   (User #8309) N/A 11/08/2010 08:19:53pm

I loved it!!! It was great and I can't wait for the next chapter!!

WishxOnxAxStar                   (User #9127) N/A 11/08/2010 07:10:57pm

Loved it update it again soon.

Ciara_Sevenfold                   (User #8626) N/A 11/08/2010 06:54:18pm

wow wow wow.
loved this chapter, you got me perfect.
Scary how you know im always drowning in art homework.
You just made my day a little beta as avenged sevenfold are playin 30 mins
away from me and my dad wouldnt let me go ...
yeah sucks.

But i love this chapter!
Update soon :)

allybaby                   (User #8922) N/A 11/08/2010 06:05:25pm

i loved this!
i love your writing it always hooks me from the start.
i can't wait for the next chapter.
pleaseeeee update soon love!
i really want to know what happens next!

CutieMcfoREVer                   (User #7197) N/A 11/08/2010 08:52:17am

ooooh! Sounds interesting! :D

I can't wait to see Brian and Zacky go head to head for the girl they want.

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