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Part #3 - Chapter Two
CharlotteGates                   (User #9563) N/A 11/24/2011 10:52:05pm

I love the idea of this story, excited for the next update :)

MissaVengeance                   (User #9041) N/A 11/23/2011 08:30:37pm

Awesome story, great idea for a story, keep it up. Lovin it so far hope to see more updates soon:)

SEPisces_A7X_foREVer                   (User #10385) N/A 11/23/2011 08:26:38pm

Omg I remember reading this story a while back when you first posted it
and I just loved it. But at the time I didn't have an account and couldn't
save it to my favorites or review how great I thought it was.
Please keep this going, I really want to read what happens next!!!!!

Part #3 - Chapter Two
Brianna H.                   (User #10510) N/A 11/23/2011 05:42:29pm

Please continue! The concept is amaaazzzinggg & I can't wait until Matt is brought back in!

S.A.Skelleton                   (User #7650) N/A 11/23/2011 05:03:48pm

So far its got a good beginning. I rly want to see where ur taking

thatcrackfox                   (User #9830) N/A 04/17/2011 02:45:44pm

This is really good! I noticed you haven't updated
in forever, so please update soon? :') really want to
read on ahaha x

*Nothing but Fiction*                   (User #9093) N/A 11/21/2010 07:29:26pm

Rolling Stone, eh? That could work for her :)
That guy seems odd but it's only for a week and she can leave or stay. Seems reasonable.

Glad that you updated but being busy is understandable. I totally enjoyed this chapter so update again when you can!

Ex&Oh                   (User #5929) N/A 11/19/2010 11:19:43pm

I didn't read the rest of the chapter, but it's just 'Rolling Stone' magazine.

deceit                   (User #8847) N/A 11/19/2010 04:12:03pm

i wonder what she will decide?
im excited to see what happens and how matt comes back in to the story.
im guessing she takes the job and end ups interviewing him'? :P

CutieMcfoREVer                   (User #7197) N/A 11/19/2010 06:14:22am

I started reading this, then i left my computer on and i went to do something and I got caught up doing it. And then 2 hours later I cam back to my computer and realised that I still had ou story up! lol :P
I really forget things a lot.

A week in New York sounds fun! :P
I wonder what events will happen in New York!
Great Chapter!

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