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Part #2 - Let The Words Slip
Sweet-Jeevas                   (User #9853) N/A 04/14/2011 11:57:38am

Whoa , I read this in the train, and it made me fucking smile! Good job
though, really loved it :)

Part #9 - Broken-hearted=Killjoy
LaReverend                   (User #8868) N/A 12/10/2010 05:37:21am

aww frankie dont cry! =( i love this story but a sad frankie makes me sad too. great chapter update soon

Part #7 - Emotion
emily                   (User #8803) N/A 11/23/2010 05:26:34pm

i.... fringing... LOVED... it!!!!

if u dont write more soon i think i may just die! or hold u hostage... i mean it!!!

anyway love and update soon!

Part #6 - The Words He Wants
beastygrrl                   (User #9303) N/A 11/06/2010 05:18:06am

SMUT SMUT SMUT! I want some hardcore (but very sweet and loving if
possible) SMUT! I love you -insert name here- lol

emily                   (User #8803) N/A 11/04/2010 05:33:06pm

Smut... hmmm what can i say.... OF COURSE I WANT IT!!! I DEMAND YOU!!! OR I SHALL CRY!!!! OR SOMETHING ELSE THAT SHALL SHOW THAT I AM UPSET THAT YOU DIDN'T.... anyway please do because i really like this!

love and update soon!

ivy_obyss                   (User #8887) N/A 11/04/2010 08:49:59am

it was kinda sweet haha
and yes u no what i want in chapter 6 haha

HarleyVengeance                   (User #7909) N/A 11/03/2010 11:41:32pm

Gahhhh >.<

Smut? YES!!!!! please please please?

Part #5 - Tangled With Him
Emma Nellies                   (User #9330) N/A 10/31/2010 12:21:43pm

Awesome chapter :D
another chapter really soon please?


emily                   (User #8803) N/A 10/31/2010 11:03:28am

really REALLY like this!!!

please update soon! i want to see more Frank and Brian action!

emily                   (User #8803) N/A 10/24/2010 11:10:48am

hehe i love!!!

please update soon i want more Frankie and Syn action!

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