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Part #2 - Please Read!!
Mrs "The Rev"                   (User #9076) N/A 09/20/2010 11:22:36am

i want johnny!
My nmae is Graylyn. i go by Grayly (Graylee) and im 5'6 have brown hair and a deathbat tatooed on my i have snakebites and i love rock music so i mostly dress like a rocker..

Part #3 - Final Cast List
Reesa Mercy                   (User #6584) N/A 09/17/2010 08:49:26pm

yay!!!!!! i cant wait to start reading this!!!!

hellovengeance                   (User #9082) N/A 09/17/2010 01:02:35pm

Thank you! I'm so excited!!

Part #2 - Please Read!!
Reesa Mercy                   (User #6584) N/A 09/17/2010 01:35:12am

I would like to go by Kyleigh, Ky for short.

I'm about 5'3/5'4 and I have dark brown hair with side bags, but its currently dyed auburn red. My eyes are a light brown color. I have 2 tattoos, one on my left ankle which is the hanging heart from The Used's In Love and Death cd, and a deathbat on the inside of my right wrist. I have a piercing on my lip like Jimmy. I have 3 earrings on my left lobe and one on my left cartilage. I also have 2 more on my right lobe.

I'm really quite when I first meet people and until I warm up to them. I warm up to guys faster than girls. Once I warm up to someone, I'm pretty damn crazy. I tend to say things that sound really sexual even if it's not what I meant. I love my music and I play the bass. I usually wear jeans and tank tops and sneakers. I always have a ring on my left middle finger and on my left and right thumbs.

I would like either Jimmy or Johnny

allybaby                   (User #8922) N/A 09/17/2010 12:21:09am

sent you my info love in an inbox! (:

Part #2 - Please Read!!
hellovengeance                   (User #9082) N/A 09/17/2010 12:17:13am

Hi my name is Kassy Kovacs. I'm five seven,
black hair that goes to kd back. Bright blue
eyes, slightly tan, and I have three tattoos. I
have a back peice that is a phoenix, cogli
l'attimo written in script on my side and a
skullbehibd my ear. I have to ear peircings and
a lip peircing.

I have a pretty mellow personality until
something pisse memory then I turn into a
bitch. I'm an easy to please person who enjoys
the simpl things in life. I am a very good singer
but never have the urge to do anything with my
Guy that I would love to have: Jimmy or Brian
Message me if you need anything else. :)

Red_Tears_Shine                   (User #9188) N/A 09/17/2010 12:09:48am

Name and what name you'd like to go by: My name is Samantha, but i go by Sam or Sami

Physical description (height, hair color, tattoos, etc…): I'm 5'4, I have dark brown hair with burgundy and birght red bangs, I have 4 death bats tattooed on my hips 1 on each side on the front and back with green eyes, I have dark brown eyes that look pale green in the light(don't ask i don't know either), and the right side of my bottom lip is pierced.

Personality description: I'm rather shy but once i get to know you I'm pretty random, if I like the vibe i get from you I'll warm up to you rather quickly. When I get the urge to play the guitar my hands twitch(mostly the right one). I like all kinds of music but mostly Rock, I have a thing for guys in bands but don't care if you're not in one. I always wear band tees oxford shirts or tank tops with a hoodie and black or red eyeliner. i always have a scrunchie on my wrist.

Boy you want: Zacky

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