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Part #10 - 7. Champagne's For Celebrating
edubb91                   (User #9618) N/A 05/10/2012 02:05:12am

First off, Brian is a moron for even continuing a relationship with Michelle if he
still has all those feelings for Andi. This is one of those times where I wish I
could put my hand in the story and smack him, especially for using his and
Andi's song as his first dance to Michelle. I really hope they can work things
out because that's how it should be.

Update soon!!

I'mTheFuckingWildOne                   (User #7342) N/A 05/06/2012 06:44:09am

Of course he would still fucking love her! Now leave your
wife (sorry Michelle) and get with Andi!
I need more woman! update soon!

Part #9 - 6. Beautiful Bride
I'mTheFuckingWildOne                   (User #7342) N/A 05/06/2012 06:37:28am

Aw fuck, that was sad, I kinda wanted to cry :(
That takes so much strength to handle something like that and
keep going and wanting the other person to be happy and all
that shit
Andi deserves to be happy too though!
Next chapter

Part #8 - 5. Why Don't You Come On Over, Valary
I'mTheFuckingWildOne                   (User #7342) N/A 05/06/2012 06:24:57am

I kinda like that she's being so nice and sweet to Michelle,
but then I don't because Michelle shouldn't fucking be with
Next chapter

Part #7 - 4. Technically Our Marriage Is Saved
I'mTheFuckingWildOne                   (User #7342) N/A 05/06/2012 06:17:35am

AW that was really fuckin' sweet :)
She wants Brian to be happy awwww!
Next chapter!

Part #6 - 3. The Groom's Bride Is A Whore
I'mTheFuckingWildOne                   (User #7342) N/A 05/06/2012 06:10:13am

aw Zacky got cheated on
And of course it's Michelle, that bitch lol
Next chapter!

Part #5 - 2. A Nice Day For A White Wedding
I'mTheFuckingWildOne                   (User #7342) N/A 05/06/2012 06:06:00am

Ohmygod Brian's getting married? No no fuck nooo!
Must keep reading!

Part #4 - 1. You Get No Love
I'mTheFuckingWildOne                   (User #7342) N/A 05/06/2012 06:01:25am

I'm so fuckin' glad she ran!
And I've been out in public just exactly like that, besides
the white heels, they were a nude color lol
on to the next chapter

Part #3 - Prologue 2: Losing Touch
I'mTheFuckingWildOne                   (User #7342) N/A 05/06/2012 05:52:26am

What the fuck Brian?! How could you do that? I will punch you
in the dick!
I can't leave a good enough review, because I must keep

Part #2 - Prologue: The Promise
I'mTheFuckingWildOne                   (User #7342) N/A 05/06/2012 05:46:55am

Aw this is so cute, but I bet something not so cute is gonna
happen, cause you're mean like that lol
loved this, on to the next chapter!

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