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Part #41 - Chapter 40
BornInHeels                   (User #5334) N/A 08/27/2010 05:32:47am

I'm sure its too soon for this to be legit, but I hope it's Mike's kid, just to fucking complicate life.

Part #34 - Chapter 33
thexxrevolutionx                   (User #9023) N/A 08/19/2010 02:33:24pm

Awww!! So happy about the update!! And Gabe is such a softy, I love it! I'm curious to see what happens with Mike and stuff. Update soon!

BornInHeels                   (User #5334) N/A 08/19/2010 03:53:40am

Well...I know all about team mike carden is an asshole, but this has taken that to a whole new level.

And while usually I am Team MC for every story even if he is hardly in it, I can't say that I am in this story.

I actually don't like any of my bandom boys in this story.

I think Mia and Vicky T. should just become lesbians and run away together.

Part #32 - Chapter 31
thexxrevolutionx                   (User #9023) N/A 08/15/2010 03:27:25pm

OMG I'm so torn. Gabe is really cute, and it would crush him if she chose Mike, but I LOVE Mike. Bill is such a trouble maker, I can't wait for an update!!

Part #30 - Chapter 29
thexxrevolutionx                   (User #9023) N/A 08/15/2010 03:07:24pm

Seriously?? I kinda feel bad for Mia, but not too much. She does lead all these people on, but it's all been this huge thing to get Gabe to like her. OMG i would be so pissed at everyone. She should have just stayed with TAI, Mike really liked her and she threw it all away for Gabe the creeper.

Part #29 - Chapter 28
thexxrevolutionx                   (User #9023) N/A 08/15/2010 02:57:51pm

AWWWWWW Gabe and Mia wold be really cute together!! He's the only guy she likes that hasn't been a jerk to her!

Part #23 - Chapter 22
thexxrevolutionx                   (User #9023) N/A 08/15/2010 02:16:35pm

Mia just needs to sit down and tell everyone what was going on, and then she needs to STOP DOING IT! Mike is so completely rude. I'm so excited that you updated!!

Part #21 - Chapter 20
thexxrevolutionx                   (User #9023) N/A 08/13/2010 08:22:38am

I can't believe you left it off at that!! I love where this story is going! Can't wait for an update!

Part #18 - Chapter 17
thexxrevolutionx                   (User #9023) N/A 08/13/2010 08:15:56am

omg, Mia is ruining her relationships with everyone on tour! What a crazy lady!

Part #16 - Chapter 15
thexxrevolutionx                   (User #9023) N/A 08/13/2010 08:10:32am

woah mike is a grade a jerk!! I can't believe he called her a stupid, dumb bitch!! If I were Mia, I would have slapped him! Can't wait to read what's next, I'm addicted!

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