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Part #5 - Mikey Visits
xxrainbow.muertexx                   (User #8158) N/A 07/14/2010 03:20:23pm

hahaha this is awesome!
i love mikey. xD
i love this story too.
eee, i keep on thinking of bob, too.
yay for updates!

Part #3 - Gerards House
xxrainbow.muertexx                   (User #8158) N/A 07/13/2010 08:33:16pm

i'm glad franki got away from bob for the night and got something he deserved. :]
i hope bob doesn't hurt him if and when he finds him...
so yeah! this is grrrrreat!
continue & update. :D

WhoopsISynned                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 07/13/2010 06:44:18pm

Woah! This is a pairing I've definatley seen before xD
And once again your mind baffles me...
Evil Bob
Poor Frankie
And saviour Gerard...

emily                   (User #8803) N/A 07/13/2010 05:10:49pm

you have to write more, it's really good.

ivy_obyss                   (User #8887) N/A 07/13/2010 05:50:20am

yay for frankie and gee!!! hehe more more morey more

Part #2 - The Arrangement Begins
xxrainbow.muertexx                   (User #8158) N/A 07/13/2010 12:37:09am

haha i sound like a movie trailer.
But it's really awesome!
I can't wait for the next update. :D

ivy_obyss                   (User #8887) N/A 07/12/2010 11:09:09pm

its a fantastic story so far you really should carry on

kblueveins                   (User #8303) N/A 07/12/2010 09:34:12pm

gaah i like it, a lot. Moar? Soon?

emily                   (User #8803) N/A 07/12/2010 05:57:21pm

it's really good, you have to carry on. I like it how it's not like gee and Frank are like all buddies and then they want to have a relationship, you've thought about it, you have frank hating Gerard, Bob the drunk boyfriend who rapes. I think this is really good start to the story. Please carry on i want to know what happens next between gerard and Frank.

Strychnine Twitch                   (User #8906) N/A 07/12/2010 05:04:14pm

that was a really great beginning chapter, so much going on, from Frank's situation at home, his failing class, Gerard's way of helping his grades, and then Gerard finding out about Frank's beatings. It sounds like it's going to make for a very good story, update soon! :D

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