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Shadow_walker                   (User #1643) N/A 10/11/2005 09:48:44pm

I like it, in fact, I like everything you write! I'm a dedicated reader, what can I say? You know, I can relate this to something I'm going through right now, which is pretty cool if a reader can take something like this and put it into real-life terms.

Silkwing                   (User #1301) N/A 06/21/2005 11:11:11am


Lily-chan                   (User #1130) N/A 04/21/2005 09:46:00pm

That's the Blkwidow-san I remember! I was waiting for this to go a bit darker. *huggles the darkness*

jojo                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 03/30/2005 04:20:18pm

OoOh! *rubs hands eagerly* I LOVED IT!! I LOVED HOW YOU USED METAPHORS! Hahaha! I can picture this clearly, it's crystal clear, and vivid! It's so colorful!!! I loved how many emotions are laced throughout this little poem! This reminds me of Twitch Twitch! It would fit perfectly! Can't wait for the next chappie by the way. This was outstanding! It's spectacular! It's superb! Keep on writing! Your writing is always spiffy!!! XD

AnneMarieh                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 03/01/2005 08:16:07pm

DANG!! I see you've been rather busy with poetry again, eh?? This poem, is just so... outstanding... so amazing... so frickin cool!!! Even now, these words do not describe it properly. I feel like I can't review any clearer... dammit!! It sucks! *growls in frustration she can't find the right words* But I must say, I love the way you made it sound like the person was a lioness, hunting, stalking.... Ooh, it just gave me the shivers!! I even read it over and over and over... five times. It was that awesome. You can't just read this poem once and expect to pick up its meaning in one read-through. And you know what? Now that I think about it, this poem would fit quite nicely with your story Twitch Twitch. For one, the chic has lost it, and it does sound like it would fit both her, the story, and Hiei!! Hiei: Damn you! Don't you tell her to write anything more about me! Me: Take a chill pill, dude. Hiei: 0_o;;

Michiko Yokisama                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 02/26/2005 05:43:11pm

ohhh, loved the metaphore, very interesting to read

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