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Part #20 - Chapter 19 - A Distant Memory (Watching My Life On TV)
MissOddball                   (User #6670) N/A 09/28/2010 06:23:30pm

My heart skipped a beat when I saw you'd updated. I love it, I was just waiting for it to happen and then it did!! I loved the replaying memories TV bit, it was beautifully written!

MYFALLOUTBOYROMANCE                   (User #8435) N/A 09/28/2010 01:05:59pm

aww! oh wow!
Who couldn't read this story!
Almost every chapter i had a huge grin on my face!
That ending was perfect! i always find endings are hard especially with this type of story but oh wow you did it perfectly!
i could cry!
a beautifully written story! really really well done!

Sassy                   (User #8175) N/A 09/28/2010 12:21:49pm

The perfect end to the perfect story!We want the sequel!!! :D

The TV idea was inspired - excellent idea! Worked so well.

As for thanking me, I should be thanking YOU!! 1) For writing this and 2) for all the fabulous sneak previews! I'm always happy to help in any way - not that you need it, but I'm here anyway.

Loved it so much! Need the next one!
Sas x

Dezzy                   (User #6892) N/A 09/28/2010 02:21:32am

*sniffle* Oh, my...what an end! This was incredible, just incredible! One of my favs definitly.
I'm glad you were able to end it so nicely and I can't wait to see more stories from you!

*hug* You're welcome and excellent job!!!

Part #19 - Chapter 18 - You're The ONLY Thing I Wanna See Underneath The Tree
MYFALLOUTBOYROMANCE                   (User #8435) N/A 09/16/2010 08:46:22pm

It wasn't smutty, not in the slightest.
lol @sassy 'its not like you had him doing acrobatics' ha ha. ignore me i have a stupid and weird sense of humour. even though the comment was funny it was completely true.

it'll be sad to see the story go, youve done such an excellent job with it. the emotion in each chapter is perfect.

Dezzy                   (User #6892) N/A 09/16/2010 12:28:07am

Yeah, we do forget he's a real person. But it wasn't smutty at all, it was nice and romantic. Well done, I loved it.

Sassy                   (User #8175) N/A 09/15/2010 11:43:56pm

That was beautiful - especially the end. It's not smutty at all, it was lovely. And yeah, Patrick is a real person but real people have sex - it's not like you had him doing acrobatics or anything. I thought it was perfect and I agree it was right for the story, which is absolutely the main thing.

I shall be so sorry to see this story end, but I also want to know what happens! I want both - the impossible - I think! But! When you're done with this, I know you have ideas for others so, we get to look forward to those! :D

Great chapter!
Sas x

Part #18 - Chapter 17 - Broken Down On Memory Lane
MissOddball                   (User #6670) N/A 09/09/2010 04:44:01pm

It's amazing how quickly you managed to build up the charactors and the emotion without it dragging on or getting too boring.
Good to find a chapter where I know no-one's gonna wake up in a hospital. :L
Love this fic! Can't wait for more!

MYFALLOUTBOYROMANCE                   (User #8435) N/A 09/06/2010 06:04:14pm

awww, lovely.
I agree with everything thats been said.
your writing this so beautifully. theres such a range of emotions throughout this whole story and you put it together so naturally.
wonderful work!
cant wait for more!

Sassy                   (User #8175) N/A 09/06/2010 12:11:53pm

I totally agree with WhenYouCatchFire. This was a lovely chapter which
served as a great recap on their relationship and how they each feel. It
was also a necessary quiet spell after the excitement of the last chapter.
It gave breathing space for both of them just to enjoy being together
without any drama to upset them.

So looking forward to the next chapter of this touching, funny, sad and
sweet story!
Sas x

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