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Silkwing                   (User #1301) N/A 06/20/2005 06:01:15pm


jojo                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 03/30/2005 03:49:04pm

WoW! That was awesome. Very intense. It was very beautiful in a twisted way. That's the thing I love about your pieces, they're always beautiful. I love your peotry and I probably always will because of they're so life like and beautiful.P.s.- I'M ABLE TYO REVIEW NOW! THANK KAMI FOR SPRING BREAK! I CAN TAKE A BREAK FROM SCHOOLING AND WORK NOW!....Until Friday atleast.... LOVED IT!

freakymonkey                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 03/09/2005 10:08:32pm

cool i guess a little intense but thats the reason i usualy read stories. i love intense plus in your stories and poems you pull away from that whole happy ending thing that most people seem to like so much gives it a sense of reality and feeling that not most people have i think you should write a book like your storys just not the same charecters couse that would be just plain freaky

Joseph C. McKenzie                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 02/22/2005 12:50:04am

I love the message of this piece Blkwidow, it has both a hidden religious undertone to the message that is carried (atonement), but perhaps my old mind is reading too much into it, but to me, the poem tells a double meaning. It can be construed to tell of a person who broke ties with a family/member/friend/god and now as death wraps his fingers around them to pull them away from the mortal coil, they regret having not made amends and now no longer have a chance.

AnneMarieh                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 02/10/2005 06:41:03am

Oh my GOD!! This poem... it was so intense... so, so... spooky. For when I really read it, as well as read between the lines... it just scares the heck out of me!! Holy Cow! It's still very nice Spidey, and I'm glad you've done something to help us desperate fans of Twitch Twitch fight the additcion. Keep up the good work! Love your poems, no matter how intense they are!!

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