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Part #8 - You Said We Were Different
valokaulitzmabbitgreen                   (User #8985) N/A 11/28/2010 02:44:57pm

I KNEW IT!!!! Haha no I didn't but dammmnnnnn......gerard :) post more

emily                   (User #8803) N/A 10/31/2010 01:53:45pm

shame really, Frank was cheating on her which was bad but ad least there are still friends, i guess...

please update soon! your really good writer!

Emma Nellies                   (User #9330) N/A 10/30/2010 09:20:57pm

Wow... I really didn't expect Frank to have another
girlfriend. o__o I suppose it's a good thing that I didn't
see this coming? I'm really curious as to what's up with
Gerard P: please update soon! really loving this, even though
the last chapter is next! :'(

Emma xxxx

Part #7 - Delusion
Emma Nellies                   (User #9330) N/A 10/30/2010 09:16:36pm

I really like how Hayley's beginning to voice her opinion
more and coming out of her shell. I REALLY LOVE THE ENDING.
“Want some fucking delicious coffee, Hayley?” is just full of
win. I dunno... It has that swagger to it and I can imagine
Gee say that too x)

Emma xxx

Part #6 - Sweat And Sensations
Emma Nellies                   (User #9330) N/A 10/30/2010 09:12:46pm

Niiice! xD
I hate to admit it, but I really like these kind of scenes.
Call me a dirty minded girl or whatever, but I enjoyed it :)
I hope you write more scenes like this. Best part was that
you didn't lack detail and interesting vocabulary. It's

Emma xxx

Part #5 - She Drives Me Insane
Emma Nellies                   (User #9330) N/A 10/30/2010 09:07:08pm

ooh! Why do I get the feeling that this isn't the end of this
Evelyn girl? x)
Awesome chapter! So you know, I'm totally speed reading
through your chapters to catch up xD

Emma xxx

Part #4 - All The Things That You Never Ever Told Me
Emma Nellies                   (User #9330) N/A 10/30/2010 09:05:00pm

Aw no! Totally feel bad on Mikey's part :(
Well written chapter, good work!

Emma xxx

Part #3 - Ghost
Emma Nellies                   (User #9330) N/A 10/30/2010 09:02:21pm

yayayayay! I liked this chapter a lot :D Frank and Hayley
sound cute!

Part #2 - Truth Or Dare?
Emma Nellies                   (User #9330) N/A 10/30/2010 08:53:39pm

Right, just so you know, this is the first fan fic I've ever
read and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Like, really, really
enjoyed this chapter! I don't know why but it just brings out
my inner child XD I'm eager to read more of this story as I'm
typing this review!
Good work, Vanessa! (I'm glad you have proper sentence
structures and grammar!)
Love Emma xxx

Part #6 - Sweat And Sensations
Marcey Howald                   (User #9074) N/A 08/17/2010 09:36:46pm

I loved it!!!
It was amazing(:
Update soon please!! (:

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