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Part #12 - Ch.10 : Tension
kelly21us                   (User #9410) N/A 11/24/2010 07:11:01pm

This is such a cute story!!! I am finally getting the chance
to read it! Thank God for school cancellations!!! LOL...and
never forget...the best day of your life was the day you were
born!!! Without never would have gone to uproar :)
LOL...had to say that. Lala, nothing else to say, HAVE AN

zackyvsloveslave                   (User #6375) N/A 10/08/2010 04:00:16pm

i loved the update and Jimmy 's just a big ball of energy in this story :) I love it!! update soon

allybaby                   (User #8922) N/A 09/27/2010 01:01:28pm

loved the update.
i love this story.
please update soon love!

WishxOnxAxStar                   (User #9127) N/A 09/27/2010 07:44:05am

I love it I hope that you can update it soon. I cant wait to
see what happens with this story.

Hallie Vengeance                   (User #8309) N/A 09/27/2010 04:55:39am

AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Okay sorry I haven't reviewed really!I've been crazy busy since I started reading this and it's sooo confusing lol! I love this though and I looove Jimmy!! He's soooo perfect!!!!Haha Anyways I can't wait to see some more of your work hon!

track_it                   (User #8625) N/A 09/27/2010 04:25:50am

hahah i feel like a creeper for reviewing this like 2 seconds after u posted it
hahhah but i was online!
whoaaa kanye! sosososo weird she has a brother
hahaha i love how all the guys just like her
i kinda felt bad for zack tho hoenstly:( hahah then brian of course just likes her.
jimmys the perfect best friend.
enough said.
hahah love it love you thanks for the little shout out on our story also!

Part #11 - Ch.9 : Oh, Brother
track_it                   (User #8625) N/A 09/27/2010 04:14:24am

sorry i havnt reviewed love.
okay im glad there was a funeral.

haha "sorry buddy someone beat ya to the punch!" ohh jimmy:)
whoa! hahah im going to read that chapter right now and i will
review and tell u how i feel about this after i finish readying !!!!

allybaby                   (User #8922) N/A 09/01/2010 09:26:54pm

yay maybe she finally has more family.
but this could also be a trick haha.

anyways i loved the update as always.
i can't wait till the next one is up! (:

Part #10 - Ch.8 : New Relationships And Some Guns N' Roses
allybaby                   (User #8922) N/A 08/31/2010 11:15:18pm

i loved the update.
please update again soon.
i'm really curious to see what happens!

track_it                   (User #8625) N/A 08/31/2010 11:11:34pm

yeah i very much enjoyed that chapter:)
hahah i love jimmy. apple juice!! and matt wants some too.
its cute.
update soon miss kay!

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