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burymestanding                   (User #7433) N/A 04/09/2010 06:23:05am

Oh, I hope Bree doesn't break Andy's little heart. I have a feeling they
would be quite good together ;)

And don't you dare say this chapter isn't one of your better ones! Ever
chapter I read is progressively better, bb, so I don't know what you're
talking about < 3

SoGoodInBlue                   (User #8390) N/A 03/24/2010 06:41:38pm

omg. that was amazing!!!
do i sense some sexytimes for trick and sammy in the future??? ooohhh....
and bree!!! *waggles finger* poor andy. and pete likes her???

yes patrick is looking rather hawtt. but to be totally honest i miss the hat, sideburns and cute cuddelyness. (yes you heared right the hat is gone!)
and i'm soooooooo unbeliveble stoked for the new record. i too have watched the preveiw more times than necessary :P

greaaat chapter.

Sarah XD                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 03/24/2010 08:03:45am

i am WAY excited for his new album!
i've watched the preview video like, 50 times (and believe me, i'm not exaggerating!)
and i agree, Patrick is so, so hot...
cool chap!
update soon?

Stump-o-matic-girl                   (User #7189) N/A 03/24/2010 03:43:16am

Great chapter, poor Andy. I don't want his heart to break :(
and Patrick is so adorable!!!

I can't wait for his solo album either, just so you know he did a few
songs from it at th SXSW festival in Texas last week, it's on YouTube.
He looks really skinny (almost too skinny) but he'll always be hot to me
I like the funkyness of what I've heard so far.
I'm so happy for the updates. I'm worried of Bree's intentions though...
This could get really messy : o
can't wait for more (even though I will patiently wait) XD

Sassy                   (User #8175) N/A 03/24/2010 12:33:48am

Awww, poor Andy! Bree's only using him to get to Pete :( She should try to remember that drummers can do different thing with all 4 limbs at the same time! ;)

I thought it was a great update. I love how you write Patrick, so natural! :D

Sas x

fishingnuns                   (User #7507) N/A 03/23/2010 10:24:52pm

Whoop Whoop!
love it!
Yes he IS looking hot these days i'll try and rustle up some pics later.

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