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Part #2 - Forgotten Faces
Ex&Oh                   (User #5929) N/A 03/11/2010 02:10:34am

Missy, I've missed you so fucking much! I was honestly like.. It's empty here without Steffi. But now your back! And damn, I know about losing someone... I'll be sure to keep him in my prayers. :)

Anyway this fiction: seems a little dark. I kinda giggled when I read the line "this is all madness.." and I immediately followed with "MADNESS!? THIS IS.. SPARTA!" I kinda ruined the beauty of the chapter/section/part.

I honestly can't wait until you update, because this is going to be very interesting.. I can tell.

P.S. This was worth scrolling past all the new breed bullshit.. minus Mrs. Sadistic 6's or whatever.. 'cause she's a good author.. but to read this, I'm glad I found it! :D

Haylie Jaed                   (User #3426) N/A 03/09/2010 08:57:01pm

Sometimes the best stories are those that are completely improvised by the author. So I'll bet this'll be fantastic. ;) Besides, it's by you!! =D So happy to see you back!!

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. *hugs* It seems that car accidents are all over the place now, and everybody's losing friends. My heart is with you - always.

I can't wait to see where you take this, hun. It's going to be amazing.


Sapphire Morning                   (User #8033) N/A 03/09/2010 06:49:17am

Definitely a cliffhanger. This is amazing so far. Glad it's not just a one-shot.

I'm so sorry for your loss. Your friend will be in my prayers.

CutieMcfoREVer                   (User #7197) N/A 03/09/2010 03:06:07am

i find it funny that you don't know where your going with this. i don't know why but it just is, haha.

I loved this. You describe everything so amazingly, its awesome.

I will be keeping your friend in my prayers.

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