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Liera                   (User #9529) N/A 12/31/2010 01:00:30am

-_- No offense, but this character girl is getting on my effing NERVES!! Must continue reading! lol

Haylie Jaed                   (User #3426) N/A 04/12/2010 12:05:58pm I cannot believe she did that. Did what? Pushed Zacky away while he was yelling at her, chucked a hissy, made a scene AND told him that they were nothing now. STUPID, STUPID GIRL!! HE LOOOOOOOVES YOU!! WAHHHHHHHH!!

I need the next chapteeeeeeeeeeer.


synsterr                   (User #7349) N/A 03/11/2010 11:58:53pm

I hate Ana right now.... everything was PERFECT and she had to go
and muff everything up! She kissed him back! She cannot blame
him for everything, everytime something happens that she doesn't
like! Urggg!

I'm probably taking everything the opposite way you intended..
like I'm supposed to be on Ana's side, but.. I can't!!! Sorry, but...
WHATTA BITCH! Hahahahaha.
She needs to just freakin' tell him how in love she is, then Zack
would feel more comfortable, just like her mom told her. I think
Zack deserves a break..

Jeez.... LOL

Oh man, now I REALLY need to go read the next chapter...

Samantha A7X                   (User #8125) N/A 02/25/2010 04:56:35pm

Okayyyy... So I'm glad that little Ana is conscious it was all her fault
hahahaha that she shouldn't have left and now she's having a heart attack
cause the airlines won't take her back home when she wants lol but I guess
the fact that she's a little spoiled brat who always gets what she wants is a
tremendously good thing right now hahaha cause of course, she managed
to move earth and heaven to be able to come back home... Her call to Larry
was fantastic! hahaha so sooo funny, I love this woman hahaha she can be
serious and mature when its required, she can be a truck load of fun, and
she can act like a five year old hahahaha so great!

"It's so cool to be someone important" HAHAHAHA! I could picture her smug
smile and all hahahaha

Oh my God... The reunion scene was just so... DEEP. and intense... huh,
they're really crazy for each other, aren't they? And the SONG... You never
fail to pick PERFECT songs for each moment... not only the lyrics were totally
accurate and amazing, the music also fit so well with the emotion!! And then
when he grabbed her hand in the car... that was so cute.

The surprise!!! Oh my God I want friends like that!! They all love her so
much!! Setting up a repetition of Christmas Eve just for her to not miss
Christmas sevenfold style was just so special... And the dress!!! I love Jess,
you know I do. And, what a GORGEOUS dress... Zacky's little remark about
"our wedding" also made my heart make a double take lol I felt exactly as
Ana felt hahahaha I couldn't help imagining how it would be like if they
were getting married... *shivers*

Jimmy and the cookie.... That was the sweetest thing ever!!!

Awww you took them to my home town for New Year's Eve!!! That's so
great!! The Times Square party, let me tell you, CLASSIC. You described it so
well!!! And... MUSE AND KINGS OF LEON? :| Jeez, I would die!!! Both bands
are epic!!

So, I loved the scene in the hallway, before they went to bed... Ana and
Zacky saying goodnight to each other, admitting how much they want each
other but how they need to, er, yeah, cool it down a bit hahahahaha that
was sexy! And Jimmy is my hero, I agree with him, they should have just
fucked each other hahahaha

Ana and Jimmy's little conversation in the room was AWESOME. They
definitely have the best relationship ever! They can cuddle together in a
single bed, talk about sex, joke about doing each other, and still managing
to fall sleep in each other's arms without feeling a thing (sexually speaking,
I mean) hahahaha like brother and sister, indeed. How I'd love to have a best
friend like Jimmy! That scene made me really envious of her lol

Okay, when they danced Sex On Fire... that was... HOT. Wow, REALLY hot...
and sexy... It's amazing, how you portray them so so in love with each
other, but at the same time, they crave each other so lustily it gets to your
bones... it's like, the perfect balance, the strongest love ever, but also the
strongest physical attraction ever... It's amazing.

The toasting part was very sweet, and funny hahahaha but when Zack made
his toast... OH SHIT. What in hell did he meant with "more unexpected yet
welcome changes?" WHAT CHANGES? I feel stupid asking this lol cause I'm
pretty sure what changes he was talking about lol I just want to see them
happening!!! SOON!!!

The kiss... I believe I have to start with THE SONG. Let me tell you, you
weren't wrong when you said that song was epic and that that guy is a
genius... It gave me CHILLS!! I could almost see them kissing passionately
with the world swirling around them as if it was just background and there
was only space for him and her... The song is so full of emotion, of
intensity, it fit so SOOOO goddamn well with what they were feeling... And
Ana's description of how it felt to kiss Zack was just... mind blowing... I can't
even imagine how perfect they are for each other if she's feeling like THAT
only when kissing him.... Awwww marry them already!!! LOL

I think I understand Ana, being mad at him and all... they had an agreement,
and this is so hard for her... oh well, the only thing I can hope for is that
little Zacky finds the perfect way to make it up for her... Heading to read the
next chapter so I can find that out :)

V. Nicole                   (User #8301) N/A 02/24/2010 05:08:37am

That was an amazing chapter!
I was totally feeling the whole vibe
of them kissing and being all sweet and shit. but then, of course, Ana has to go ballistic and yell at him. All understandable
of course.
Anywhoz, you're fucking brilliant.

pixxehh.v                   (User #6514) N/A 02/24/2010 04:42:34am

Let It Happen by Jimmy Eat World

pixxehh.v                   (User #6514) N/A 02/24/2010 04:15:50am

Secret Oath by The Spill Canvas. Just saying :)

-sarah- ~foREVer~                   (User #7685) N/A 02/24/2010 02:00:37am

Jeez! That was my favorite chapter yet.
But in all honesty, I wanted to punch
Ana in the face. He only kissed her! And
he loves her! She loves him! Gah! They just
need to be together forever and love each other.
It better be happening soon! Sorry about the late review.
Off to meet the next chapter!

pixxehh.v                   (User #6514) N/A 02/23/2010 11:47:34pm

OMFGGG! I iz so pizzeeeeeedd right noawwws.
I fully wrote like three times what is actually showing up. GAH!
Well, I am not writing it all over again, but trust me, it was amazing. Did you get the full version sent to your emails?
Anyway I will go write you your email now :)

haleyhollows                   (User #7133) N/A 02/23/2010 10:23:27pm

FINALLY!!!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING!!!!!! not your fault tho :)
AHHH NEW YEARS IN NYC...concidering I'm from there, its the best :)

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