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Liera                   (User #9529) N/A 12/30/2010 11:12:05pm

Ah! I'm dying over here lol I can't wait! Yess, she needs to stop defying the wind and let it blow her where it's supposed to. Right to Zack! >=)

Haylie Jaed                   (User #3426) N/A 04/12/2010 10:29:27am

WOO!! She's goin' home!! XD LOL, Facebook. I've been neglecting mine so much for the past few days 'cause I've been busy reading this. =) Ah well. I'm sure there's nothing important there.

I loved Zacky's journal. It was quite an insight, and it told us not only how miserable he was, but the sorts of things her being away from him did. A rockstar, sitting down to write a journal? ...excluding Nikki Sixx, of course. Alright, so maybe it's not so bizarre. But he'd never done it before (that we know of) so it was weird for us.

Onto the next chapter. My reviews are getting crappier (my apologies) but I'm just eager.


synsterr                   (User #7349) N/A 03/11/2010 11:29:36pm

Yay!!!! That is the sweet, sweet smell of admittance! Lol. She loves
him, she knows it, and I think she's gonna effing do something
about it! Woohoo!!

I can't believe the way Zack just publicly put that message out
there.. I wouldn't even begin to try to imagine the crazy crap all
the immature fans would say..... eeesh. Haha.

I'm so glad she's coming back to california!! Thank god, I might
have to hate Ana for a while if she didn't. Cause I mean, you know
she wanted to all along, and was going to, she just needed to
admit it. Haha.

Next chapter... I just might be caught up by the end of the day!
Thank god for great internet on phones these days! LOL.

Samantha A7X                   (User #8125) N/A 02/25/2010 04:54:59pm

I so hate you right now!! You had me there for a second, thinking that she
was going to truly tell him what she needed to stay, and that he was going
to give it to her, but then you burst my bubble. Though I LOVED the kurt
cobain reference, I do NOT appreciate you bringing my hopes high for

That goodbye was so... heart wrenching :( She doesn't want to leave, he
doesn't want her to leave, why is she leaving? Oh, yeah, cause you like to
make us all suffer. Bah.

I'm glad Zacky realized he had been an idiot for letting her go. Is he starting
to realize that he has to do something very soon if he doesn't want to lose
her permanently? Or is he just going to sulk and become used to the idea
that she can only be his friend... SO MANY QUESTIONS!!

Zacky's journal was GENIUS! I enjoyed reading it so much, it isn't funny. He's
sooo messed up. I can't believe it's hitting him so hard. Or maybe I can
*grins wickedly* maybe THAT is going to be enough for him to open his
eyes and realize he loves her... we shall see.

Ohhhhh Ana's mom is my hero! I want a mom like that one!! She has
everything so figured out! But of course, Ana won't listen to her, just as she
didn't listen nor to Jimmy, nor to Jess, nor to Brian... Bah.

Zacky calling her while being drunk was just adorable. And then the song!!!
Ahhhh. Loved it. One of my favorite ones. And the ending!!! I'm so happy
that she's coming home... heading to read next one to see how this turns
out to be :)

LEADSAILSpaperanchor                   (User #8343) N/A 02/22/2010 03:58:58am

i hate that neither of us updated this weekend. SHAAAAME!

Lady Numb                   (User #8253) N/A 02/17/2010 10:14:51am

First of all, great chapter as usual!!
I could almost feel the pain… the travel to the airport and the little chat at the airport were so sad, so painful… poor Ana… and I wish I could say poor Zack, too, but the boy really needs to realize he is in love and that this is not gonna kill him, otherwise he can only blame himself for his misery….
The journal of Zack’s life was my favorite part... it was funny but, once again, painful at the same time... I know he’s not used to this and everything, but really it’s just amazing how he hasn’t realized yet what’s “wrong” with him... and when he says he’s never gonna allow her to find a boyfriend... and he will shoot every guy who even dares to look at Ana... awww, adorable!
I love the fact that he is a “little tricky bastard”... if that’s what it takes to convince Ana to go back home!
Last little thing about Zack: I’ve already said that, but he’s so adorable sometimes… the song... let’s talk about it... I really, really hope she’s gonna jump on him as soon as she gets off the plane! That was the sweetest thing he could do… and he did it publicly!!! I officially love this guy...
Talking about Ana... now I’ve got two heroes, Brian and Ana’s mother... even though she doesn’t want to believe her, moms are always right and I hope that she’s gonna find out soon...
Two more chapters and we’ll get a wonderful surprise...then I’m (im)patiently waiting for the next two chapters and above all for Book III!!!!!!!!

V. Nicole                   (User #8301) N/A 02/17/2010 04:55:01am

Major applause for this MIND BLOWING CHAPTER!
unfortunately, you're such a tease
for making me think that Zack was gonna say/do whatever it took to make her stay!

I do think you're an
incredible genius for the whole Mother/Daughter convo though, got some sense into Ana's noggin!

However, once again, you have to have a damn cliffhanger at the end!When it was getting so frikken good.
Extremely clever though.

I can't wait for an update, but I don't wanna rush you're talented writing!

Zack's little recap on how his days were going made it really understandable at how much he needs Ana.

And I love that you torture us by having Zack and Ana be so stubborn and similarly hard headed that they
don't see how great of a couple they are!

Love the story, as usual, keep writing por favor.

-V. Nicole

Kiitaa                   (User #7775) N/A 02/17/2010 12:29:26am

OMG !!

that was by far the best chapter i think i have read..
i was reading whilst supposed to be doing filing, but i got so caught up in it !

aww please update again soon, i want to see how they go..

haleyhollows                   (User #7133) N/A 02/16/2010 08:57:02pm

I LOVE THIS CHAPTER! DON'T MAKE ME WAITT!!! I LOVE IT!!! poor zee. probly wants to just
like punch her for leaving. bet she wants to punch herself for leaving. i'm glad she's going
home though :)


itsvickyy                   (User #7605) N/A 02/16/2010 06:00:27pm

finally i get to a computer. i was stuck reading this on my phone at 3 this morning! anyways..
dude. another perfection.
mother certainly knows best!
I loved the kurt cobain reference as well. that was pretty sweet. :)
the facebook wall post was genius. absolutely genius.
and the journal entries were superb too. i especially liked the one talking about what he'd do to a guy who'd try to get with her. haha.
emotions went all over the place in this chapter.
but i was cheering like a maniac at the end.
i can't wait to see what happens next for these stubborn two.
update soon :)

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